Sigourney Weaver Flashes Her Beaver On The View (VIDEO)


Oops! Sigourney Weaver managed to pull a “Sharon Stone” and flashed her beaver to the audience of “The View” today! And how unfortunate it is that Weaver rhymes with beaver. Who could resist? See actress Sigourney Weaver’s quick beaver shot flash video below.

Actress Sigourney Weaver stopped by “The View” today to talk with the ladies, greeting each one of them as she walked out on stage.

After sitting down, Sigourney Weaver decided to lean over and give Joy Behar a big hug, and as she did she seemed to forget there was a camera aimed right at her crotch (and to wear panties as well).

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Check out the video showing Sigourney Weaver’s beaver shot flash below (look quick!):

And here’s a crappy television video but it shows the flash in slow motion:


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