Mother Of Octuplets Already Has Six Children At Home! (VIDEO)


This is just crazy! The California woman, believed to be named Nadya, who gave birth recently to octuplets in Los Angeles already has six other children at home!   The woman’s parents Ed and Angela Suleman confirmed the story. Read more on the mother of the octuplets and see video below.

The California woman delivered six boys and two girls prematurely by Caesarean section on Monday, which caught doctors off guard thinking there were only seven babies.

“The Early Show” reported that the mother already has six other children, a CBS reporter who visited the woman’s Los Angeles-area home cited two unnamed acquaintances.

One of those people said that the mother lived with her parents and that two of her other children were twins.

UPDATE: MSNBC and CNN have articles up this morning with new information about the mother and father of the octuplets. The mother’s parents, Angela and Ed Suleman, have spoken with reporters. The father of the babies is due to return to Iraq soon as a contract worker.

And as we thought, the mother did use in vitro fertilization. Once it was discovered she was carrying multiple embryos, she declined to selectively abort any of them. “What do you suggest she should have done? She refused to have them killed,” Suleman told the LA Times. “That is a very painful thing.” Ed Suleman also said that they have a very large house somewhere else but that no one would ever know where it is.

The birth of the octuplets already has raised eyebrows, with fertility and reproductive experts saying that such high-risk pregnancies should be avoided.

“When we see something like this in the general fertility world, it gives us the heebie-jeebies,” Michael Tucker, an Atlanta-based clinical embryologist and leading researcher in fertility treatments, told the Los Angeles Times.

“If a medical practitioner had anything to do with it, there’s some degree of inappropriate medical therapy there,” the Times quoted him as saying.

If the rumor is indeed true, what do you think about the woman having octuplets when she already has six children at home? Wow!

See the video below:


  1. This money is absolutley crazy! She is unemployed, selfish, and nuts! The government should take those babies (all 14) away from her and put her in a nut house. Shame on her. Truly disgusting and irresponsible.

  2. This is just irresponsible. Who the hell is going to take care of all of these kids financially. The woman lives with her mother for gosh sake. Taxpayers are going to flip the bill for 14 kids folks.


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