“Eight Is Enough” Star Willie Aames Suicide Attempt (Photos)


Actor Willie Aames of “Charles in Charge” and “Eight Is Enough” is getting his life back after attempting suicide last year on Thanksgiving Day. Read more about Willie Aames below.

Willie Aames became a huge star after his roles on “Eight Is Enough” and “Charles In Charge”. Aames was a major teen heartthrob!

But Aames has recently opened up to Star Magazine about his personal battle, and suicide attempt.

“Most people [wind up in a psychiatric ward] because they’d either lost a job, a family member or relocated,” Willie says a doctor told him after his suicide try. “I was there for of all those.”

Willie Aames,   now 48, revealed the awful series of events that led him to try to take his own life.

Aames had declared bankruptcy and had his car reposessed. Not only financial troubles, then his wife of 22 years left him.

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Willie said he moved from their Kansas home and rented a room in Los Angeles.

“I stole a bottle of Jack Daniel’s from the guy I was renting the room from,” Willie tells the magazine. “I’d been sober for 20 years when I took that first drink… It got so bad, I put a knife to my throat and cut myself in six places.”

The police came, put me in handcuffs and whisked me away. I was completely devastated… I kept asking, ‘What did I do wrong?'”

But Aames is thankfully on the road to recovery these days. You can read his full story in the latest edition of Star Magazine.

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