Christine McCallum – Teacher Had Sex With Boy Over 300 Times (VIDEO)


Non-celebrity but disturbing and crazy news story!   A married teacher, Christine A McCallum, has been charged with seven counts of statutory rape, after she allegedly had sex with a 13-year-old school boy over 300 times. Read more on Christine McCallum and watch video below.

Christine McCallum, 29, referred to as the teacher that slept with a boy over 300 times, committed these sex acts right under her husband’s nose.

The police say Christine McCallum, 29, lived a disturbed double life for almost two years.

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The Boston teacher is accused of having sex with the boy in Rockland and Abington from February 2006, when she allegedly took his virginity, to November 2007.

The boy told the police that they had sex for the first time on a couch at McCallum’s home while her husband slept upstairs.

They also had unprotected sex in the shower, on the kitchen floor, and on the living room floor, court documents say.

McCallum, however, denies all the allegations leveled against her, and insists that she took the boy and his brother in due to sympathy.

She tried to mother the child because she felt sorry for them, the Daily Telegraph quoted McCallum’s lawyer Frederick McDermott as saying. Strange way of mothering the boy huh?

Prosecutors claim that McCallum weaved her way into the boy’s life in late 2005, when she became a tutor for his younger brother, and within months she began giving them alcohol and sleeping with the boy.

Police said that McCallum ended the relationship in a fit of jealousy when she discovered the boy was using a mobile phone she bought him to text other girls.

The alleged affair was uncovered last week when a friend of the boy told his mother.

Watch video of “teacher that had sex with boy over 300 times” below:



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