MTV’s “A Double Shot At Love” Contestant Kandice Hutchinson Killed In Car Accident (Photos/Video)


Kandice Hutchinson of Texas died shortly after taping her final appearance on the MTV reality series “A Double Shot at Love”. Kandice Hutchinson died after a car accident that occurred in late October.

Kandice Hutchinson is a contestant on the upcoming “A Double Shot at Love,” an MTV reality show features bisexual twin sisters looking for love, which was filmed months ago. After the taping, Kandice Hutchinson’s vehicle was rear-ended on W Airport Freeway in Euless, Texas, and Hutchinson was ejected from the car.

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According to TMZ, producers of the show edited Hutchinson’s scenes to remove some of the more outrageous behavior, out of respect for Kandice Hutchinson’s family.

The reality show’s producers have been in touch with family members who remain supportive of MTV’s plan to keep her in the show. In fact the first episode of “A Double Shot at Love” will be dedicated to Kandice Hutchinson.

Our condolences to friends and family of Kandice Hutchinson’s. View Kandice’s photos and a tribute video below.

Kandice Hutchinson Wreck photos:


  1. Your facts are wrong. I am a very close friend of the family and I have read the police reports MYSELF. You should get your facts straight or take this down.

  2. It was very shocking seeing the first episode of a double shot of love with the ikky twins, I thought kandice hutchinson was really cool and wish she hadnt gotten eliminated. When the ikky twins revealed the death of kandice at the end of the 1st episode i was completely blown away. RIP.Davy

  3. No harm in telling the truth, course no one knew it would happen but she was being a total bitch on the show. That's why you should always be careful how you treat others. I'd be embarraced and asked that some of her offensive shit be cut from the show too. No ones fault she chose to be nasty. I feel bad for what happened to her it really sucks and I was hurt to read it but she left negative marks and impressions on people so they say what they feel.

  4. F*ck all of you that are saying those nasty things! Would you say that to her mother? NO, You are a pus*y that hides behind a little macbook that daddy bought you, you little Fu*ks!!! KARMA IS REAL, IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU TENFOLD.

  5. people are so rude.
    you didn’t know her.
    don’t judge her.
    she was a beautiful young women
    she knew what she wanted in life.
    she was so cool.

    r.i.p. and god bless.

    p.s. she died on the same exact day my cousin did.

  6. This chick is probably giving Lucifer a blowjob about now. We're all filthy freaks behind closed doors, but enough with the mainstreaming of porn already! We need less, not more (unless you're an idiot with zero sociological sense). May the twins be next!

    Ladies, I don't give a rat's ass about your orientation. I know girls are prettier than men. I know most of you would rather make out with eachother than with us. I get it. So quit shoving it in the face of a mass TV audience (for MTV, you're talking 'tweens') because you know that 90% of girls are already teetering on the edge of becoming full-blown, bisexual porn skanks. This wholes "girls-just-wanna-eat-tits" phenomenon is just nauseatingly excessive!! I miss the time when chicks who hadn't had their period yet didn't chase eachother with lust in their eyes.


  7. I really thought she would have made it to more than just the 2nd elemination…I'm really sorry about her family's loss…she seemed really cool. If she hadn't been eleminated maybe she'd still be here. My condolensces go out to her family and friends.

  8. I just saw the first two eposide today and I was sadden to hear about death of kandice. She was such a beautiful girl. My prayers go out to her family. I'm glad that MTV dedicated an eposide to kandice. I wish she would had stood longer on the show she will still be alive today. But I know she's in Gods loving hands right now.


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