Miss Russia Ksenia Sukhinova Miss World 2008 (Photos)


Russian beauty Kseniya Sukhinova has been crowned the 58th Miss World 2008 after a two-hour contest in South Africa. Read more on Kseniya Sukhinova’s win of Miss World 2008 below along with photos of the runners up, Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Gabrielle Walcott and first runner up was Miss India, Parvathy Omankuttan.

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Sukhinova was crowned Miss World 2008 after the grueling two hour contest.

Sukhinova beamed as she was crowned, and said her immediate ambitions included meeting Russia’s president.

The Russian beauty also added she aims to return soon to her studies at the Tyumen Oil and Gas University in her home region of north-western Siberia.

“I am so happy to be here,” she said of South Africa, which was hosting a record-breaking sixth Miss World final. “I am so excited. It’s amazing.”

From the Associated Press:

Sukhinova, who in a biography on the Miss World website listed becoming a supermodel as a goal, also had won the contest’s top model award and was third in the swimsuit competition.

South Africa, often in the news for its high violent crime rate and questions about whether it will pull out of hosting the 2010 football World Cup, made the most of the attention. The broadcast included clips of the contestants visiting game parks, golf courses and pristine beaches in South Africa and dancing in the Johannesburg township of Soweto.

Sukhinova was definitely a favorite of the crowd, though not as popular as hometown beauty Miss South Africa, Tansey Coetzee. Coetzee made the final five.

Second runner up was Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Gabrielle Walcott. First runner up was Miss India, Parvathy Omankuttan. Miss Angola, Brigite Santos, completed the top five.

In addition to the swimsuit and modelling segments, the 109 contestants competed in a “pentathlon” that included building a small boat and taking football penalty kicks; a talent show; and an event showcasing their charity work in the month-long lead-up to the live international broadcast.

The contest was to have taken place in Ukraine, but was moved to Johannesburg because of tensions between Russia and Georgia and fears conflict could spread to Ukraine.

Here are videos of the new Miss World 2008 below:

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  1. JULIA MORLEY Tells 90 competitors to GO HOME !!!

    Girls reached Johannesburg today.

    There was so much traveling in this year MW. Its like survivor


    any way at the end of the day girls were feeling tired and were in their bed rooms.

    they were informed about the dinner and only 13 rocked up to the DINNER ON TIME…

    Julia waited patiently and waited for the REST to come.. Then she said they all can GO HOME if they are not serious about the competition.

    AND SHE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY LATENESS. This is the FIRST AND LAST warning that they going to receive..

    Well.. well.. looks like Mrs. Morley is getting angry and wanna show some authority …

  2. well maybe Russia won because 1. she's beautiful 2. she played by the rules…South Africa wanted a short… get to the point answer and she did just that.


  3. This crown was well deserved by South Africa was the most confident on stage and Julia Morley will choose people who cannot speak properly because they must just be at her beck and call.

    Disapointed South African

  4. Kseniya Sukhinova,Parvathy Omanakuttan and Gabrielle,Walcott share the same fate number-that is 9.Fate number is obtained by adding together the numbers of the date,month and year of birth.

  5. like to know how come miss India get a longer to speak and miss Trinidad get lest then miss India to speak i think you all cheat miss Trinidad her answer ware the best . and miss India answer i still don’t understand how Miss Russia, won her answer was so poor ? I’ve lost all faith in Miss world. the the whole world know they cheat miss Trinidad ..and they are watching it was on radio this morning what they did to Miss Trinidad .
    issues with the bias unmannerly male host who clearly was supporting miss south africa. this man had no manners whatsoever.. he just pulled away the mic from Trinidad mid sentence….. it was shocking not to mention rude!!
    you all should do a RECOUNT they never do a recount Because if they do one and they found out there was a mistake they will feel ashamed and ever one will be laughing at Miss world


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