“Jeffersons” Neighbor Paul Benedict Found Dead (Photos/Video)


Paul Benedict was found dead in his home at the age of 70. Paul Benedict played Harry Bentley, the British neighbor of George Jefferson’s as well as was the “number painter” on Sesame Street. Read more on Paul Benedict’s death below.

Paul Benedict was often mistaken for being a Brit from his awesome accent on The Jeffersons. Benedict was the neighbor to George and Louise.

Benedict was an American actor who was often mistaken for British thanks to his role as George and Louise’s neighbor on The Jeffersons, was found dead Monday at his home on Martha’s Vineyard. He was 70. The cause of death is under investigation, according to Benedict’s brother, Charles.

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The New Mexico native, while best known for his nearly 10-year run as Bentley, was also an Obie Award-winning theater director, as well as a prolific character actor.

Some of us remember Paul Benedict as the “number painter” from Sesame Street, who started popping up in random places to decorate his surroundings with a big white numeral in 1972.

Paul Benedict acted in many memorable films including The Goodbye Girl, The Freshman, This Is Spinal Tap and The Addams Family. He was also memorably mistaken for Broadway critic Mort Guffman in Christopher Guest’s comedy Waiting for Guffman.

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Our condolences to the family and friends of Paul Benedict.

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  1. Paul Benedict is indeed one of the Hollywood's great actors. His movies and television shows shall remain in the hearts of every person. May his soul rest in peace and may his family thereafter move on.


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