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Isabelle Dinoire recently had a face transplant in Ohio using skin from a donor. Isabelle Dinoire had been left disfigured after her labrador ate her lower face off while she was knocked out from sleeping pills. Wow!   Read more on the face transplant and see photos below.

The patient, Isabelle Dinoire, who was 38 when the transplant was performed in November 2005, has had to overcome two tissue-rejection episodes and two cases of kidney failure ” due to the powerful drugs she must take to prevent her immune system from rejecting the facial graft.

Dr. Maria Siemionow, director of plastic surgery research at the Cleveland Clinic, said the report underscored a need for less toxic anti-rejection drugs.

Isabelle Dinoire does have thin scars where the new face was attached, but is said to be satisified with her appearance. Dinoire says she is not afraid anymore to walk outdoors or to meet people.

Dinoire’s case shows that face transplants can be done succesfully, and a valid option for disfigured patients.

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Isabelle became badly disfigured when her pet Labrador chewed off the lower part of her face while she was knocked out after taking sleeping pills. Her nose and lips were missing and the attack left her teeth and lower jawbone exposed.

Before receiving the face transplant from a brain-dead donor, food dripped from her mouth and she wore a surgical mask in public. She faces lifelong treatment with immunosuppressant drugs and the persistent worry that her immune system may reject the graft. The drugs bring the added risk of kidney failure and increase the chance of infection and cancer.

This reminds us a bit of the Nicholas Cage movie called “Face Off”. Strange!

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  1. I agree with Kiki Green. I think before writing on a subject you should do a little more research. The transplant of which you speak, was performed in France. The Cleveland Clinic transplant was performed on Connie Culp, whose husband shot her in the face with a shotgun close-range, not Isabelle Dinoire. Ms. Culp had far more damage done to her face, and her husband only spent seven years in prison. UNbelievable! I'm not a very religious person, but…God bless Connie Culp and the courage she's had to go public with her ordeal and teach others that, although people may appear one way on the outside, they may be totally different on the inside (and that goes for those "beautiful people" who may not be very beautiful on the inside).

    Heather, Culp's surgery was performed four years after she recovered from her initial injuries. The surgeons in France also performed such surgery on a man with disfiguring tumors on his face. In which case, this may be an option if you feel you really need it. Most of these face transplants create ethical questions for doctors, however. I'm not sure that they would do one simply for cosmetic reasons. But if you feel that your disfigurement has created "quality of life" problems, you might want to check with the Cleveland Clinic or another clinic in Boston, I think–Brigham and Women's Hospital

  2. Thanks for posting. I was attacked by a dog in 2001 almost in the same manner. I wished face transplants would have been available then.

    How is Isabelle Dinoire now?


    Dallas TX

  3. boy doesnt this article proove that you cant beleive everything you read on the net . Isabelle dinoire had her surgery in france – several years ago . Though your abiity to find humor in this situaton and your abilty to be callous are unparalled. your abilty to find and report accurate informaton however is lacking and you are pathetic! hope the same thing never happens to you .


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