Katt Williams Dead In Plane Crash – Rumor? (Pictures)


So is Katt Williams really dead? There is a rumor of a Katt Williams plane crash sayin Katt Williams died. See below for the latest on Katt Williams news and the death rumor.

Rumors are just going crazy saying the Katt Williams has died after being in a plane crash. Well here is the latest news on the Katt William plane crash rumor.

It seems as if many people received text messages stating: “Someone just sent me the text saying that he died at 4a.m. in a plane crash. I hope this isn’t true!”

If the Katt Williams death rumor is true, thus far no real news agencies have reported his death or a plane crash. But here is a look at the Yahoo Answers. Out of the 11 comments posted thus far, most repeat the same exact story.

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So, as far as we know at this point, Katt Williams is alive and well!

Check out this video of Katt Williams (this is NSFW and adult comedy):


  1. hello katt. Today is january 22, 2011.

    I just heard about the plane crash ordeal, i was in disbelief, until i kept reading. I know this info is a little late, but you will live a long time, that's the old saying. And keep up the very good work.

  2. why would anyone put this kind of gossip about a mans life out there so negative as DEAD. this man has a family. where is the love for them and how they feel when they hear this crap? Katt wherever you are I would like to apologize for the dumb a## who started such a hurtful rumor. doesn't anyone out there have a clue? i will be praying for all of you boneheads!!!! #1 fan, keep on pimpin……..

  3. dat nigga is dead….. I just read the coroners report, they aren't releasing info because some of his family hasn't been informed.

  4. Yo.. stop starting stupid ass rumors, I saw Katt on Tues and he's still pimpin.. as usual, so fall back on the bullshit, you need to stop because the rumor you start could be your own.

  5. Who ever spread such a rumor like this really got something coming to them if they don't repent and ask for forgiveness. People need to watch the things they say. Lawd have mercy

  6. where in the hell r u at katt williams ?

    r u kicking it with Jesus ?

    holler at me if u r still around,i think u owe me some money

  7. hell they all got me looking to see if the nikka really dead…glad to know that nikka alive and well and eatin up all the shit in the fridge…LMAO…be kool

  8. That is the stupidest shit I have ever heard are yall serious????????? Get a fucking life people who believe others stupid rumors are retarded stop following other peoples lives and live your own!!!!!

    • aww so sorry im not a black person, how could i ever appreciate katt williams then…sighs, I think ill go die in a plane crash now.

  9. As you all have heard Katt Williams has passed away in a plane crash……………I know what really happened. The pilot and Katt match up some weed and got really, really high above the clouds. Higher than cloud 9 and the plane just slowly drifted down with a smooth landing and as they touchdown everyone was sleep and yall thought he was dead. Give him 1 hour till he wakes up then feed his high ass.

  10. He isnt dead people are just making rumors so they can either get attention orjust want to hear themselves talk…..

    But anyway he aint dead..!

  11. Wow people are really lame in today's time, I can't believe that someone had the time in their day to sit down an make up a lie about another person. People really need to find more positive things to do with their time instead of being childish and making up rumors about other people.

  12. This rumor wasnt about “ebonics or misspelled words” So No jeff, you need to keep your comments to your self instead of attacking someone else and how they write. Why do it matter if someone else uses their words incorrectly or should i say, how YOU or the society wants us to. Everybody spell words wrong including you, everybody uses words incorrectly including you!!! And I have a degree and it involves English but i use words how i want to use them, i use “ebonics” cuz i want to. It’s apart of me and my culture and it’s not your concern, not the world or anyone on here. Words dont make you, the d*** dictionary dont make you!!! And you spelled stupid wrong so if you wanna talk about somebody, lets talk about you!! You gotta correct urself before you correct anybody else. Nobody is perfect and you are not excluded. Only God can judge and i dont think god goes by the name jeff.


    yALL MUtHAf*CkAS;Z AiNt gOT A liFE.!

    dNt jiNX SOMEBOdyS;Z lIFE.!


    f*Ck yALL MEAN.!

    My NiGGA AliVE.!


  14. Well Dee, your just hurting yourself in the long run.

    Also, look above, it was someone below me that spelled the word stupid incorrectly.

    If deep down in your heard you feel that that's how you want to talk then that's fine. I am tired of all of the people that are just too lazy to enunciate words correctly.

    Thanks for coming back to the site though to check things out!

  15. First off people need to keep their mouth closed! You should not play over someones life like that! Now what the world would do if Katt Williams did just so happen to pass? You all know they would go crazy! PLEASE STOP THE RUMORS AND LET THIS MAN LIVE HIS LIFE!!!!!

  16. de-de u need 2 learn how to spell short hand is 1 thing but dumb thing is entirely different, invest in a webster's dictionary or go online to get the correct short hand methods

  17. The last time someone spread rumors like that (with bernie mac) two days later he was dead!! Stop spreading rumors and jinxing these people

  18. People. This is a rumor. I do not know Katt personally but I am sure this is a rumor. The rumor was started by a cell phone company that I will leave unnamed. It is sad that things like this get started for the sake of a profit. I'm glad Katt thinks it is funny and plans to make new material out of it. I'm sure it will make me laugh. I can't wait for him to come back to the STL. Also I agree with Jeff about using proper English but Jeff you really need to learn how to express your opinion without attempting to degrade others. It only makes you look stupid.

  19. Why would someone make up something like that its just crazy. Like about lil’ wayne daughter, somebody had to be really boared to just make up stuff like that. I think people like them should get a life cause you got to much time on your hands if you got to sit back and start a rumor about somebody being died and it aint true. You should be slapped for that.

  20. I enjoy reading all of these comments, its my favorite hobby.

    By the way- it is "ebonics is retard" not "ebonics are retarded"

    from dictionary.com –

    n. (used with a sing. verb)

    Any of the nonstandard varieties of English spoken by African Americans.

    [Blend of ebony and phonics.]

    Look it up before you try and attack me. Apparently you don't have a college degree either. If you do, you just wasted a lot of money. Pay attention next time.

  21. that is crazy how people spread rumors and the most stupid and dumb rumors at that. people need to get a life cause they sholl dont got one spreading rumors like that……

  22. Then you say "Ebonics is retarded"….shouldn't you have said/wrote "Ebonics are retarded" or some other way to express how much of a retard you really are yourself!

  23. Jeff you are one dumb ass! You obviously don't have anything else to do with your time than to comment on someone else statement. You should really grow up yourself. I guess your teaching skills that you "don't" have a degree for is showing to the world and you feel bad that others will know you aren't sh*t!…lol…Do something with yourself & stop snooping around looking for something to do that isn't making you utilize your time positively…..(stipid a**)

  24. I wish people can mind their own business. This is crazy. Why would anyone go around and say stupid shit. i got the same text. And im all the way in denver colorado. People please grow the hell up.

  25. Hey Tinygirl, you really need to learn how to spell. And seriously, grow up! Talking and writing like that only makes you look stupid.

    Remember kids, stay in school.

  26. katt they bout to make me ack a fool bout you..i love you…and after bernie mac…not another rich fine funny smart brother…i love you katt williams..

  27. Da person who started dis rumor kno that dis wasn't rite and dey jus really need to grow up… cuz if u think its cute or not but how would u like it if was a rumor saying ur parent had died. And I jus wish people that helped spread da rumor would of just waited until dey knew if it was true. But for all those who started this dumb rumor grow the hell up. Love u uncle katt and keep doing ya thing

  28. uall is so stupid and child ish in 13teen and i even no he not dead if he was dead then on his real myspace y it dont say rip and y it say that he is online 2 day and y he aint on the news yall jus summ lame people who wish they had sawgg like katt wilams



  30. Is Katt Willaims really dead? I don't think so!

    People should spend their time more wisely!!! Read, get an education, make money legally!!! Stop spreading lies!!!!

  31. no hes not dead. it was A PLANE CRASHED.

    but it was a girl named kate williams. who waS THREE and was the only one two survive. GOOGLE HER NAME AND YU WILL SEE =]


  32. no he isnt dead he came on tv to confirm that this was just a fuckin rumor..people are bored and aint got a life so they do stupid shit like this and thinks its funny…hope u die

  33. My dawg Katt is not dead! And because of this rumor he's goin to have some great material to perform on his next tour! when I spoke to him he thought this was the funniest shit!

    • I'm a 48 yr old white female who watches my Katt pack EVERYDAY! My kids n the Army introduced me to him.They think he's funny as shit and SO DO I. He's better not be dead cuz I haven't seen him in person yet!!

  34. that nigga ain't dead he jus sleep. u might've thought he was dead, but he gonna wake up in a half hour hungry enough 2 eat everything in yo damn refrigerator. that's the side effect. hungry happy sleepy.


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