Heidi Klum’s Guitar Hero Commercial In Lingerie (VIDEO)


Don’t you just love Heidi Klum? This girl is freakin’ crazy in a very cool way. In Guitar Hero’s latest commercial, Heidi Klum does her best “Risky Business” imitation, but in sexy lingerie. Nice touch! Here’s Heidi Klum in the video below.

Heidi Klum is a gorgeous girl but doesn’t mind throwing herself into her projects. You’ve got to love how Heidi gets into her work and has lots of fun.

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Here’s Heidi Klum in the Guitar Hero Commercial below:

Images: PR/WENN

Source: news


  1. This obnoxious lady needs to go away. She annoy's the hell out of me. Isn't she a mother?, a wife?, to that hasbeen who looks like somebody started his face on fire and put it out with a golf shoe.


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