Rachael Mullenix Gets 25 Years To Life For Murdering Mother Barbara Mullenix (Pics)


Rachael Mullenix, a Huntington Beach teenager that conspired with her boyfriend (Ian Allen) to murder her mother, Barbara Mullenix, and dumped the body into Newport Harbor was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

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Rachael Mullenix showed little emotion as the judge sentenced her to 25 years to life in prison for the murder of her mother.

“I don’t care what the jury thought. I did not do that to my mother,” Mullenix, 19, told Orange County Superior Court Judge David Thompson. “I can’t even believe this is happening to me.”

Rachael Mullenix does admit she helped cover up the murder of her mother, Barbara Mullenix, 56, but still states she didn’t inflict any of the 52 wounds found on her mother’s body, which included a slashed jugular vein and a butter knife in the eye.

Rachael Mullenix referred to her mother as “my world” and “my life” and said she woke up every day feeling guilty. “Even though I didn’t do it,” she said, “I feel like I didn’t do enough to prevent it.”

Prosecutor Sonia Balleste, said Rachael Mullenix was faking to get pity from the jury, and that she was a cold-hearted teen that manipulated her boyfriend, Ian W. Allen, to helping her murder her mother.

“It’s just chilling to hear a sociopath talk like that,” Balleste said after Friday’s sentencing hearing. “If you ever get used to it, there’s a problem. I hope I never do.”

Instead of feeling remorse Balleste said, Mullenix only thought of herself. “It’s all about her and what she feels,” Balleste said. But as for her mother, “I don’t think she’s capable of feeling anything at all.”

Rachael Mullenix was 17 years-old at the time of the murder, and plotted to kill her in September 2006 after she was grounded for breaking her curfew. The huge amount of slashes, around 52, seemed to prove there was more than one person in on the murder.

Bruce Mullenix, the victim’s ex-husband and the Rachael’s father, said Barbara Mullenix was an abusive alcoholic did not believe his daughter was the murderer.

“I know in my heart that she didn’t do this,” he said. “Her mother had problems. No one knows how bad it was other than Rachael and myself.”

A law clerk from the district attorney’s office read a statement from an anonymous friend of the victim, Barbara Mullenix. The statement described Rachael Mullenix as a narcissist with a “black heart” who disposed of her mother like “a piece of garbage.”

Rachael Mullenix’s former boyfriend, Ian Allen, 23, was convicted last month of first-degree murder for his part in the murder. He faces 25 years to life when he is sentenced in November.

After the couple murdered the victim, Ian Allen and Rachael Mullenix dumped her body in Newport Harbor and took off to Florida, where they were stopped in Louisiana.

Man, that is sickening isn’t it? What do you guys think of this case?

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  1. ian was my freind. and at that time he did some crazy stuff, i dont dought he did do it. rachel had him so whipped no-one could see strait, and she was just nutz anyways.


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