Original “Mr. Clean” House Peters Jr. Dies at 92 (Pictures)

House Peters Jr, left, and father House Peters
House Peters Jr, left, and father House Peters

TV actor and the original Mr. Clean in commercials, House Peters Jr. died Wednesday at the age of 92.

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House Peters Jr., died at age 92 of pneumonia at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital in Los Angeles, said his son, Jon Peters.

House Peters Jr. ‘s most well-known role was as Mr. Clean – the muscled bald man for the cleaning commercials. From the late 1950s and into the early 1960s, Peters Jr. helped advertise the famous household cleaner with the trademark jingle, “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean.”

House Peters Jr. acted in many roles throughout his career, even working with Roy Rogers and Gene Autry on their television shows. He also appeared in “Perry Mason,” “Gunsmoke,” “The Twilight Zone” and “Lassie.”

“He always played the heavy,” Jon Peters said, referring to his father’s customary roles as a villain or brawny character. “Even though he wasn’t happy about being cast in those roles, he worked really hard at it.”

House Peters Jr. acted from 1935-1967, according to his Web site. He also wrote an autobiography, “Another Side of Hollywood,” in which he describes growing up the son of an actress and silent film actor in Beverly Hills. His father, Robert House Peters Sr., has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

House Peters Jr. didn’t play the lead actor but had parts in cowboy movies and won a Golden Boot Award in 2000 for his lifetime contributions to the western genre, his son said.

He also is survived by his wife, Lucy Pickett, a daughter, another son and four grandchildren.

Our condolences to House Peters Jr. family and friends.

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