Mark Wahlberg & Sarah Palin’s Saturday Night Live (Videos)


Saturday Night Live had quite a show last night. First there was Sarah Palin’s appearance, and Mark Wahlberg visits to have a talk with Andy Samberg. Check out Mark Wahlberg and Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live’s videos below.

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Sarah Palin appeared in Saturday Night LIve’s opening sketch, and was introduced as the featured guest during the “Weekend Update” segment of the show.

Palin told Seth Myers and Amy Poehler there was a little problem: “I’m not going to do the piece that we rehearsed,” she said.

“You were so good at it!” Meyers protested.

But Palin stood firm. “My gut is telling me it might be a bad idea for the campaign,” she said. “I think it might just cross the line.”

So Poehler stepped in to perform a rap song about Palin and her home state of Alaska, complete with dancing Eskimos, a snow-machine-riding First Dude and a moose that ends up in the family freezer “” with frequent cuts to the governor grooving to the beat (“All the mav’ricks in the house, put your hands up!”).

Afterward, Meyers told Palin: “I think you made the right decision not to do it.”

“You betcha,” Palin replied.

Mark Wahlberg showed up on Jimmy Kimmel saying he wanted to beat Andy Samberg’s face in after viewing the SNL skit for “Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals” last week.

So Wahlberg stopped by SNL last night and asked Lorne Michaels where Andy Samberg was saying, “Are you going to make me bust your head in too? Because I will.”

After several SNL sketches, Mark Wahlberg snuck up on Samberg and said his impression was nothing like him, all while speaking just like Samberg’s Wahlberg.

Here’s Sarah Palin’s opening Monologue on Saturday Night live video:

Wahlberg talks to Andy Samberg on SNL video:

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Source: NBC



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