Whoopi Goldberg’s Daughter Alexandrea Martin Engaged To Stevie J (Photos)


Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, Alexandrea Martin, 35, is engaged to music producer Stevie J. Martin and Stevie J have dated for the past 6 years, and became engaged this past year.

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Goldberg’s daughter, Alexandrea Martin and Stevie J are engaged and getting married this year.

Stevie J is a music producer, at one time with Bad Boy Entertainment. Stevie J has helped produce hits for artist such as The Notorious B.I.G., Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, and Aretha Franklin.

This will be the third marriage for Alexandre Martin, mother of three children. Stevie J. was once engaged to rapper, Eve. In fact, he is the dude believed to be in the sex tape with Eve, that hit the internet.

Whoopi Goldberg, 52, a host of “The View” gave her approval of the couple’s engagement and marriage, after having a long talk with her daughter’s fiance.

“Whoopi is very protective of her daughter and her three grandchildren, so she wanted Stevie to understand how much she loves her family,” a family friend told the National Enquirer. “After several serious conversations, she felt comfortable that Stevie is the right guy for her daughter and gave her approval.”

Congrats to Alexandrea Martin and Stevie J. Hopefully the third time is a charm!

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