Terrible Twist in Travis Barker Plane Crash: Lil Chris Baker Tribute Video (Pics)


As if the tragic plane crash wasn’t enough, that resulted in four people’s deaths… now new details have been revealed, about why they boarded the jet plane in the first place. TMZ had reported that “Lil Chris”, Chris Baker, wanted to make it in time for his baby’s birth. But this morning TMZ reported that was not the reason for the guys boarding the jet, Chris’ wife was not in labor after all, Travis Barker’s publicist had contacted TMZ. Read more after the bump and see the Famous Stars and Stripes (Travis’ clothing line) Tribute video to Lil Chris Baker below.

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This plane crash seems a cruel twist of fate. TMZ has reported that Travis Barker’s assistant, Chris Baker, wanted to get back home to his wife, who was about to give birth. This morning TMZ posted saying they were contacted by Travis Barker’s rep, who said that Lil Chris’ wife was not in labor.

TMZ also received this statement from Travis’ rep:

“Both Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) are in critical but stable condition and are being treated at Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia after surviving a plane crash late last night in Columbia, South Carolina.

The hospital will issue a statement with an update on their condition at 9:00 am eastern time tomorrow. Due to the nature of the injuries and the evolving course of treatment no further information on their condition is available at this time.”

Here was the earlier story issued, which made this tragic jet crash even more terrible. But thankfully, this rumor was debunked:

So Travis Barker, DJ AM, Chris Baker, and three others boarded the learjet, to get Chris Baker home in time for his child’s birth.

Yesterday, Chris Barker let the guys know that his wife had gone into labor. Travis Barker promised him he would do anything in his power to get Chris Baker to the hospital in time.

Of course the quickest way back to Van Nuys, CA was by plane. Travis Barker doesn’t usually fly on private plans, but made this exception for his friend and assistant, Chris Baker, to witness the birth of his baby.

The plane crashed shortly after midnight, killing four people, including Chris Baker. Chris Baker’s wife went into labor early this morning.

Our condolences to the friends and family of those that lost their lives in this tragic plane crash.

Here’s a link to the People magazine video tribute to Lil Chris Baker, view here.

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  1. Lil Chris, Che, Barker, DJAM are all a bunch of worthless FSU gang bangers – 3 out of 4 gone – one more to go along with the rest of FSU.

  2. hi fellas
    I am going to buy a new wheels. Wish to have a luxury model, but don’t know for sure what to choose… Can smb advise me something?

  3. I went to school with and grew up with Chris. He was a hard working and fun guy. It's sad that this happened just a month after Rob's accident and I feel for the family. My well wishes and prayers are also with Adam and Travis and their families as well as the others who lost their lives.

  4. Lil Cris was a great guy. Cris was one of a kind. Althugh his physical appearance was small Cris had a big heart. I knew Cris in High School. When we went to Roseville High in Roseville, CA. We were good friends and next door neighbors. Cris was a great friend, a person that was always there when needed and extened himself to others. I know that the City of Roseville has lost one of its most well liked persons. Cris was passionate about old school cars and low riders. He was a member of Dukes car club. He was a good son, brother, and friend. My deepest symphaty goes out to his wife and child as well as Cris's mother who lost her other son (Cris's lil brother) in an accident a month ago.

    I just want people to know that Cris was a great guy. I will always remember riding in the moring, hitting switches, working on cars, wrestling matches after school, hanging on Melrose block, and just how cool Cris was coming out of Roseville, CA. Truly one of a kind.

    Best wishes to Travis Barker and DJ A.M. wishing them a speedy recovery.


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