Sarah Palin’s Email Hacked By Anonymous: Palin’s Email Screenshots Wikileaks


Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account was hacked by a group that calls themselves “Anonymous”. Palin’s emails were posted on Wikileaks and Gawker. Read below to see Sarah Palin’s personal emails posted on Wikileaks website and Gawker.

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The group that calls themselves Anonymous, internet pranksters and protesters, that already had gone after Scientology, have managed to get into Sarah Palins private Yahoo email account. Now Palin’s emails are posted on Wikileaks, you can see these email screenshots above.

Palin’s password to her account were posted to the /b/ messageboard of 4Chan. This led, of course, to tons of people trying to access her account, which alerted Yahoo! and led to the account being locked.

But before Palin’s Yahoo mail account could be shut down, there were many screenshots taken of her inbox and emails.

Most of the emails seem to be messages of support, and photos of family. Nothing too exciting. But it’s been said that Palin and her associates all used private emails for government business.

The Wired reported:

“The group known as Anonymous, which earlier took on Scientology, has published screenshots of e-mail messages and images that it says came from a private e-mail account belonging to Governor Sarah Palin at The data has been published by WikiLeaks.
Threat Level has confirmed the authenticity of at least one of the e-mails.

“The information includes five screenshots from Palin’s account, including the text of an e-mail exchange with Alaskan Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell about his campaign for Congress.”

Wikileaks released this statement to the press:

The internet activist group ‘anonymous’, famed for its exposure of unethical behavior by the Scientology cult, has now gone after the Alaskan governor and republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
At around midnight last night the group gained access to governor Palin’s email account … and handed over the contents to the government sunshine site

Governor Palin has come under media criticism in the past week for using pseudo-private email accounts to avoid Alaskan freedom of information laws.

The zip archive made available by Wikileaks contains screen shots of Palin’s inbox, two example emails, governor Palin’s address box and a couple of family photos. While the emails released so far reveal little, the list of correspondence appears to re-enforce the criticism that Palin is mixing governmental and personal affairs.”

From Gawker:

The full timeline of events, with corroborating evidence of the legitimacy of the screenshots:

  • The emails to Ivy Frye, a Palin aide who’s mentioned in the earlier email stories specifically wondering how best to hide her correspondence with the governor.
  • The attached contact list (below) features an email address for husband Todd Palin that is legit. As well as an apparently genuine phone number for Bristol Palin and an address for Beth Leschper, Palin’s deputy communications director.
  • The email from Amy McCorkell, an associate of Palin’s from Alaska, who might have the governor’s personal email address.
  • Emails to and from Lt Governor Sean Parnell about a local radio talk host.
  • Calls to the phone number listed for Bristol Palin apparently go to her voicemail.
  • The public profile for the gov.palin address dates its last update to April of this year””well before she became McCain’s running mate. So if it’s a hoax, it’s a hoax that began long before anyone outside of Alaska cared about Palin.
  • We haven’t seen these family photos before. Have we?
  • The previously accessible public profiles for gov.sarah@yahoo and gov.palin@yahoo were both deleted at the same time.

UPDATE: ARLINGTON, VA “” Today, McCain-Palin 2008 Campaign Manager Rick Davis issued the following statement concerning reports about Governor Palin’s email and an invasion of privacy:
“This is a shocking invasion of the Governor’s privacy and a violation of law. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these emails will destroy them. We will have no further comment.”

Wow, the group Anonymous is good huh? It is interesting to be able to look at your Vice-Presidential candidates personal emails though.

Here are the personal photos of Palin’s that were also hacked: (Click photos for larger images)



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