Niki Lauda married Birget Wetzinger.


Niki Lauda, ex Formula 1 racing icon, has married Birgit Wetzinger. Niki married Birgit after a four year relationship. Birgit, 29, ex stewardess, had donated one kidney to Niki, 59, after his previous transplanted kidney failed.

Niki refused to disclose details of his marriage ceremony. He only said that it lasted four minutes. Niki and Birget were married on Aug. 25 but the news was released only in September. Niki kept the new marriage very low key as he said he had no plans to celebrate with a honeymoon.

Niki was divorced from his wife of 15 years, Marlene, in 1991. During that time, he said he would never marry again. Apparently, he has been influenced to change his mind.

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