Gennifer Moss “Earth Friend Gen”: Naked Cyclist (Pictures)


Gennifer Moss, aka Earth Friend Gen, gave quite a show in Portland, Oregon this week. “Earth Friend Gen” decided it would be a good idea to inline skate completely nude in front of tourists and commuters. Gennifer Moss is also known as the “naked cyclist”. See photos of Gennifer Moss “Earth Friend Gen”, the naked cyclist as well as videos.   The naked cyclist is kinda crazy, but a cool chick.

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The naked cyclist, Gennifer Moss, aka “Earth Friend Gen”, is very much “one with Mother Nature”. She is different, but seems like a great person. Check her video out on CNN below.

Believe it or not, Oregon actually allows public nudity, where occasional nude bike rides draw police only for crowd control! Even shows featuring live sex acts are protected there as free speech.

The skater, Gennifer Moss, aka Earth Friend Gen, asked organizers for permission this summer to skate naked in the city of Ashland’s Fourth of July parade. But organizers refused her request.

Police had to ask Gennifer Moss to “take it down a notch” after construction workers complained. That sounds crazy, when do construction workers complain about naked women? They are they guys that yell at us as we walk past.

After the complaints, Gennifer Moss put on some clothes, well somewhat, put on her string bikini bottom and skated off.

Oddly enough, police stated that most of the callers were more concerned about “Earth Friend Gens” safety.

I AM Naked and Free!

Earth Friend Gen at Eagle Creek!



  1. Good for you Gen. I think you're a beautiful soul, a free spirit, and I envy your attitude. Shame that people, for whatever reason, feel the need to express such negativity as the two who did above, who reveal more about how they see themselves than they realize. You're an inspiration; you challenge the "conventional", you have a message of freedom and hope, and I hope you travel to other places and keep doing what you do.

  2. You complainers….give me a break. The human body is beautiful, period. God made it. What is ugly to you is beautiful to someone else.

    I laud Gennifer for being so comfortable with herself. I laud Oregon for their forward thinking.

    I am a male (heterosexual, for you homophobes) and come from a backwards, redneck state. I would love to be able to walk around like Gennifer. The most I can get away with is a thong swimsuit and only in certain areas. Even then I get complaints. If it were a woman there would be no complaints.

    People in the US are so strange. A woman in a thong is OK but a man is not. A man topless is OK but a woman is not.

  3. It is with much pleasure that we hear about Gen Moss riding her bike topless in Portland, Ore. is a non profit organization claiming the constitutional right for women to be top free and we are delighted that Portland is already honoring the US constitution!

    Our next national gotopless events will be : March 8th, Women's day and Aug 23rd, Women's Equality Day. As Rael, spiritual leader and founder of stated: "As long as men are permitted to be topless in public, women have the same constitutional right, Or men should be ordered to wear something to hide their chest".

    So Glad to read that Oregon is ahead of the game!

    Nadinamour, President of

  4. And people like Brian and and Chaerul are part of the reason we as Americans get such a bad rep for this sort of thing. Who gets to decide what people are attractive enough to walk around naked? Since when is nudity about how you actually look naked? Her message is obviously about being comfortable with who you are and what you've been given.

    More power to anyone who supports the 'live and let live' philosophy.

  5. I think she's absolutely beautiful! Inside and out. Yes, her nudity will cause unwanted and possibly dangerous distraction to those around her but this is why this country is so great. The ability to express your political views and arouse debate. And to those haters, have you looked in the mirror butt-naked lately? EFG has a certain shine to her that radiates health and freedom of mind. No wonder Europe shakes their head at our placement of nudity over violence as the more taboo subject. More power to this woman!

  6. I think she's great. Good grief – has anyone been to Europe? We are so uptight over here about the human body.

    The mention of "live sex acts" in the article is mere sensationalism, as is the national reporting of this story.

    As wonderful as Earth Friend Gen is, is this national news? The Foxnews headline said she was "arrested" – which involves being taken into custody. Not exactly – she complied with requests to tone it done and donned a bikini bottom.

    The national coverage and the headline respond to our interest in sexual matters, even while wagging our fingers at it.

    As for the construction workers, I find it hard to believe that they complained. Maybe someone did after prompting by police is my guess.

    You're beautiful Earth Friend Gen!

  7. On EQ Connect, there are TOTALLY NAKED AND FREE photos and philosophy! Just Google Earth Friend Gen and click on EQ Connect. Or better yet, set up a link. By the way, gossip is poison to your soul. Conscious, constructive, and compassionate communication is empowering. May you all choose to empower yourselves instead of wallowing in gossip! Genuinely, Gennifer


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