Fans Disappointed By David Blaine’s Dive of Death (Video)


David Blaine’s “Dive of Death” stunt was said to have failed miserably. Blaine was said to have cheated on the upside-down stunt, and the end of the “Dive of Death” left some fans less than thrilled. See David Blaine’s Dive of Death video below.

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David Blaine, who normally does some pretty awesome stunts, disappointed fans with his “Dive of Death” stunt. Blaine hung upside down over Central Park for 60 hours, and ended the stunt by taking a “Dive of Death” from a 44 foot platform on Wednesday night.

Some of David Blaine’s fans loved the stunt, others thought it sucked big time!

Many thought David Blaine was “cheating” by standing on his feet over hour. But David Blaine and his rep had stated it wouldn’t be possible to be upside down the full 60 hours. He needed to get his heart above his head for health reasons.

Many onlookers said it looked more as if David Blaine was just bungee jumping.

Around 11 p.m., Blaine nodded and smiled to hundreds of fans watching the stunt as they screamed, “Jump! Jump!” and, “Do it!”

Blaine dropped straight down from the platform and touching the stage below with his feet before cables pulled him back up.

Blaine then just hung there with his legs moving like he was running in air with a silly look on his face.

The stunt, which aired as part of a two-hour ABC television special Wednesday night, ended with Blaine floating off into the night attached to giant balloons.

Blaine’s true fans thought it was cool, but many were not so thrilled by the Dive of Death.

“I think it was ridiculous,” Leonor said. “Everybody was robbed of their time. Everyone thought he was going to jump, but he didn’t live up to his expectations.”

Well, we all know David Blaine does some pretty cool stunts and illusions. Absolutely love his Street Magic shows, and levitating trick. And guess you can’t please everyone huh?

Here’s David Blaine’s dive of death video:

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