Elizabeth Hasselbeck Slams Michelle Obama (Video)


Elizabeth Hasselbeck, one of the co-hosts on The View, is known for being conservative, as well as very outspoken. See what Elizabeth Hasselbeck says about Michelle Obama at the Democratic convention video below.

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The View‘s co-host, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, took a cheap shot at Michell Obama recently.

Hasselbeck said, “Cindy came into our hair and make-up room fresh as can be. And unlike another wife of a political candidate who shall remain nameless, she didn’t come with a list of topics that we weren’t allowed to touch. Nope. That’s because she has nothing to hide.”

Hasselbeck should realize some things should be off-limits though. How would Hasselbeck have felt if one of her co-hosts had wanted to ask Cindy McCain about her pill addiction?

Check out the video of Elizabeth Hasselbeck talking about Michelle Obama below:


  1. Why would Barbara Walters even have this idiot as a host, I have no idea. I thought Barbara was smarter than that. But I guess not. Elisabeth gives the impression that she is a smart person, but she is not educated in the field of common sense. Infact, I doubt if she likes Whoopie or Sherry, but she has to endure their present because they are there. Some of the stuff that spews out of her mouth is unbelievable. She is like all the other Republicans, not caring about the average American people. She is a "I got mine, and to hell with the rest of Americans." Barbara should just let her go, and send her over to Fox, where she belongs, with all the other hateful, despicable, pathetic characters.

  2. It is unfortunate that Barbara Walters caters to the unemployed liberals who have time to sit around and listen to Whoopi , Joy the unfunny comedian, and the other woman of color talk on and on about how Obama is going to suddenly tax the crap out of people to ” Get americans working again” Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the only one with a logical brain on the whole show. The rest are ego maniacs that only want to hear themselves
    appear to know what the hell they are talking about. Get Real Barbara! It is not always about bowing to the ratings game. Maybe BET is where you should air the ” Liberal View”

  3. And let us not forget that Elizabeth's comment should not reflect poorly on the Republican party. Politics is not the problem here. It is a matter of respect, and I personally believe that Michelle Obama's decision to waive a few topics is perfectly legitimate, as she, as an American citizen, is entitled to this right. However, for "open-minded" Elizabeth Hasselbeck to outwardly agree to this with Michelle and then publicly fillet her is disrespectful, and shows a lack of intellect.

  4. A strong and vocal woman wouldn't have to omit the name of the person she is talking about. Additionally, Elizabeth Hasselbeck does not engage in debate with her co-hosts on the view. She offers insights on hot topics that are assumed to be based on emotion because she doesn't give factual (or intelligible, for that matter) evidence supporting her claims, and then refuses to intellectually respond to or concede with the arguments of her co-hosts. I don't percieve such a woman to be strong, but merely immature and ignorant.

  5. If her co-hosts wanted to talk to CIndy about her pill addiction, Cindy would have gladly spoken about it! She has been very vocal in her struggle and speaks about it often! So if you are trying to make a point, know your facts. And to the rest of you, You don't want to hear about Republicans aka Elizabeth talking everyday, but yet, it's ok for the liberals to keep talking and think they are the only ones who are right. I'm not arrogant enough to believe that, but I do think at least 2 of the women on the View are ignorant and racist. It is disgusting and pathetic to know people are still like that.

  6. A lot of Americans like to think they are enlightened individuals who believe in racial tolerance when in actuality they are a bunch of racist hate mongering idiots. They like to think they are better than the rest of the world but you are not. You are just a little bit more stupid. I find it real peculiar that so call educated individuals find that she has anything worthwhile to offer besides hate.

    This is comming from someone who server for 13 months in Ramadi Iraq and is from another country. It is sooo sad that other give their lives for people like her and the other racist. I am so disappointed, it make me sick to think you would vote for an idiot rather than to pick the right person for the job just because he is black. We are truely in bad time when and idiot can talk bad about an interlect.

    God truely help us all!

  7. Elizabeth did not "slam" anybody. She stated a fact that Obama came in with limits on topics she would deign to discuss. Cindy would have been bludgeoned by Walters, Goldberg, and Behar for trying to control her appearance in any way.

  8. I suppose Matt Damon should be fired from Hollywood for his criticisms of Mrs. Palin in front of a national audience. Someone check the unwritten rule book for that violation. Puhleeze, after years of tarnishing their own journalistic reputations by irresponsible reporting, claiming a comment by Mrs. Hasselbeck is pulling at the pillars is laughable.

  9. Elizabeth is an ignorant bimbo. Oh course we can all express our views about different things. But there is a time and place for everything. She is letting her personal views get in the way of good interviewing. Who cares that she a republican, I don’t, but who wants to hear about it EVERYDAY! This goes much further than the GOP. You don’t see her telling you about her family and personal situations. Grow the you know what up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It’s about time that “the Real America” is represented on the View. Those other idiots don’t have a clue about real people. They are not fair to their guest. They drooled over Obama, but Barbara Walters couldn’t even look John McCain in the eye. That shows what kind of person she really is. A very untruthful one. Their show should be banned or they should replace some of host to show a more fair side of Real America. If Americans don’t step up to see the Real Obama and his Mouth of Crap our country will collapse. I think everyone should read up on The Fall of the Roman Empire because it is happening right now to America because of the liberal views and policies that are controlling our country. Americans should realize that our country is not being controlled by the government but by the liberal news media and Hollywood and we need to put an end to it.

  11. Why is it that Rosie can say whatever she feels and is appaulded for standing up for what she believes in, yet when the other side takes a stand she is condemned and called hateful. If you want freedom of speech you are going to get it from all sides. Learn to deal with it.

  12. Elizabeth is a bright and honest young woman. Like the rest of us she doesn't have to have an agenda. She's all-american. I can't watch the view because there is one wholesome woman and four vultures with dead brains waiting for a fight. It just kills me. I don't know how she can work there. She should get her own show with a couple of woman that can present another side of life besides that of the Pamela Andersons and douche bags wishing they could bag a college educated black man. This man has to be the biggest spoof on America.

  13. OH my goodness. . . Elizabeth is only telling her side of the truth. Is everyone drinking the GOP Koolaid now? Elizabeth was crazy before and now even more crazy. Please don't draw anymore attention.

  14. It takes a blonde bimbo to know a blonde bimbo!

    The world has too many Barbie Dolls and we certainly don't need a geriatric one in the White House! They are so threatened by true intelligence. Poor Elizabeth! There is a bit of hope, however, that Elizabeth will eventually grow up and leave her "DUH"! factor behind.

  15. People want to punish Elizabeth for telling the truth..when is that against the law in this country. She does not drink any more "hateraid" than Michelle Obama.

  16. It is sad when a tv host lets her personal feelings get in the way of good judgement, I thought Elizabeth agreed that family members were off limits. And then she takes a stab at Michelle Obama. I feel this is more personal than political.

    • She's such an idiot….she doesn't even know what she says. Her little feeble brain hasn't yet been installed in her head.

      She's a loser all the way around. She was a loser on Survivor, and she's a loser on THE VIEW. She's the only one that thinks she's important. Another one of these people that became a "star" from a reality show….have we even seen 1 "smart" one?? Elizabeth is another idiot.


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