Chris Cornell “Scream”: Take A Listen


Chris Cornell has an awesome voice, and you’ve most certainly heard his distinctive sound in band “Soundgarden” or “Audioslave”. But Chris Cornell is trying something a bit different this ‘go round, as he teams up with producer Timbaland.

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Chris Cornell’s new album has been recorded with the help of producer Timbaland. Any of you familiar with Chris Cornell’s musical past, will find this new stuff quite a departure from his normal sound. But this track in particular is good.

“Tim lent a lot to what I describe as sort of the psychedelic aspect of this album,” says Cornell,” kind of a Pink Floyd or Dark Side Of The Moon or almost like a Queen Night At The Opera-type of feel to me,” said Chris.

He added that he would have thought he would be the one to push it in a rock direction, but that it was the producer’s influence which “pushed it more in that direction.”

Check out Chris Cornell’s new song below “Scream”:

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  1. Awesome song. So catchy! I love Cornell's previous solo and band stuff with Audioslave and Soundgarden but this new direction has me really excited about the album (also called Scream). Can't wait to hear it all. Cornell forever!

    Stew (Tas)

  2. the song is great but it SCREAMS out loud Apologize and that's just wrong

    i feel sorry for him; his voce is beautiful and i really think that he should;t sale out like that


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