Bristol Palin Likes To Party! (Photos)


    Bristol Palin loves to party! Apparently like most teenagers, Bristol enjoys partying and obviously likes to have sex, as she is knocked up by her boyfriend, Levi Johnson! McCain’s VP running mate, Sarah Palin, has a “wild child” daughter, which won’t look too good. But hey, she is a teenager! See more photos of Bristol Palin and her boyfriend, Levi Johnson below.

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    These photos are from Levi Johnson’s sister’s myspace. Thought you guys would enjoy seeing them! We’re certain somewhere Sarah Palin is thinking “oh crap!”. Don’t get us wrong, Sarah Palin seems great. Don’t shoot the messenger!

    Images/Source: Myspace


    1. Neither of those girls is Bristol Palin, for one. She's not partying it up in Alaska, she's raising a child. Perhaps people need to stop basing their political biases off Stephen Colbert and SNL skits. Sarah Palin isn't the first woman to disagree with abortion nor is Bristol Palin the first unmarried underaged girl to get pregnant. There are far worse things in American government and society that should be acknowledged, and Sarah Palin's personal life is not one of them. Hating Sarah Palin and insulting her family is not going to solve America's problems. Get over yourself and start worrying about issues that are relevant to bettering our country.

    2. A normal family? A good relationship? Well, let's see. Palin doesn't agree with abortion; the only sex ed in schools that she supports is abstinence-only. Therefore, she obviously would want Bristol to be abstinent, right? Yeah, great job, super American family! Sounds like Sarah's "letting" her kid drink and have sex.

      I'm not saying that I didn't drink and have sex, but my mom told me to use protection and I never got pregnant. My mom knew what I did and we talked about it. Sarah pushes for abstinence; wouldn't it be hypocritical for her to be urging her daughter to go out and screw?

    3. Oh – PUHLEEZE!!!!!

      She was ALLOWING her 17 year old daughter to drink and have sex? What century are you people living in? Perhaps none of YOU have had parents who were so worried about their OWN reputations they restricted every move you made until you left home.

      Get a grip, losers

    4. this bitc_ need to stay at home and take care of her pregnant daughter before she gets knocked up again. Plus she has a son who is ds and I'm sure the other kids need her as well. She is too extreme with her views on roeVSwade,so called religion beliefs etc..

      Bad enough she's abusing her current position and the taxes payers expense: Palin's oldest daughter, Bristol, flew with the governor to New York City at a cost of $1,390 to attend Newsweek's Third Annual Women and Leadership Conference. They stayed in a $707-per-night hotel for four nights. The family also charged for flights around the state, including trips to Alaska events such as the start of the Iditarod dog-sled race and the Iron Dog snowmobile race, a contest that Todd Palin won. Sarah Palin Billed State Nights Spent At Home – Sarah Palin made Alaska taxpayers pay her for sleeping in her own house and for travel expenses for her and her entire family.Palin billed taxpayers for 312 nights that she spent in her very own house. Palin’s daughters and husband Todd have charged Alaska $43,490 to travel, even though most of the trips were between their house in Wasilla and Juneau, the capital city 600 miles away.

      official policy on charging for children's travel expenses, Garnero said: "We cover the expenses of anyone who's conducting state business. I can't imagine kids could be doing that."

    5. ah commmon… even if she is in the pictures, so what, she's 17 years old! im sure alot of those talking bad about bristol palin should remember that they were young too.. and possibly made mistakes they regret as well. besides, this isn't about bristol palin.. she's not running for VP. HER MOM should be who' we're talking about, and what she's going to do to make this country better and what WE think about that. not what the heck her daughter who by the way is NOT RUNNING FOR VP is doing in her personal time.

    6. "Who are you people to judge things like that? Take a look at your own life…"

      Those who serve in the highest offices of the United States of America HAVE to be held to the highest standards. It's not enough for them to spout off their party's rhetoric–if they are not able to demonstrate that they actually walk the walk they're attempting to force on everyone else, then they're not fit to represent their alleged ideals, and it's our right and responsibility as citizens to call them on their behaviors. Incidently, this applies to ALL political parties' candidates.

      Palin is simply not fit to serve in any kind of national office. I'm not a McCain fan by any means, but he should have picked a much more worthy running mate.

    7. I keep hearing people talk about all the elites not wanting anyone "NORMAL" near the whitehouse. I do think we tried that with the "person I would like to have a beer with George W" and look where that landed the country. I say let's get rid of the "C" students and give the "A" guys a try for awhile. We are rapidly becoming a third world country and some people want to elect the local dog catcher as President!!!

    8. W on 9-4-2008

      OMFG!!!!!!!!! seriously… Holy Shit!

      …you mean the Palin’s are a normal family?!?!

      Stop The Presses!

      We cannot allow anyone normal anywhere near the Whitehouse!

      I agree. There are very few famlies with kids where the mother ISN"T working these days. The Palin family is normal. Sad that the dtr is pregnant so young. But I know plenty of girls in her shoes who DON"T have the support of their families and really need to. And tell me, honestly, who here never got toasted as a teenager? Are we going to blame our parents? Doubtful.

      It doesn't look like the kid anyway. But if it is…so what.


    9. OMFG!!!!!!!!! seriously… Holy Shit!

      …you mean the Palin's are a normal family?!?!

      Stop The Presses!

      We cannot allow anyone normal anywhere near the Whitehouse!

    10. Anti-choice? No one should have a choice to kill a baby. Hey lets vote pro-choice and while we're at it, lets let all of the murdurers out of jail. Good people make bad choices sometimes. And she made a good choice to have it rather than to suck the poor baby out of her. Who are you people to judge things like that? Take a look at your own life, because im sure everybody complaining about this are perfect angels. Look at the facts, Barack Obama has no experience, what has he done? As for pro-war? If we suddenly leave Iraq Barack might get us in deeper. He probably has friends over in Irag. Anti-universal healthcare? Thats what canada has and thats why they all want to come over here for healthcare. IT DOESNT WORK. Anybody can get healthcare here… Title19 allows the poor free healthcare and daycare! So what are you complaining about?

    11. who cares if her kid is drinking… you cant contole the free…

      im sure all your kids, (if you have any) are out doing the same thing.. they just hide it from you and go get abortions with out your knowing so… what a lovely relationship you all have with you children.. not.

    12. Ummmm… Sarah Palin is not great. She takes woman back about 5 decades. Anti-choice? WTF? NRA member? WTF?

      Oh the best thing though… have you seen the clip of Sarah Palin on Fox news when she said “I can’t answer that question until someone enswers it for me. What does the VP do everyday?”


      Why would any free-thinking person vote for a candidate who is anti-equal pay for equal work, anti-choice, pro-war, anti-equal rights, pro-drilling, anti-universal healthcare… and to top it off, McCain spent the last year ripping on Obama for experience… AND THEN CHOSE THE LEAST EXPERIENCED PERSON IN POLITICS to be his VP!

      Anyone voting for McCain either loves making America a miserable place or hasn’t bothered to learn anything about the issues at hand.

    13. This is classic.

      Here is a lady who has 5 kids, ignores them as she pursues her own carrer, allows them to binge drink (whiskey, not beer), have unprotected sex … and has the nerve to try and pass laws telling us how to raise our families?

      Now maybe in Alaska with a small community you don’t have to worry about disease as much, or date rape, or serial killers.

      But in the rest of America people who raise a family like this are called bad parents.

      You get away with it because you are well off, and part of a small community with a lot of support. But in a large city, there is none of that support and your daughter would have slipped through the cracks.

      I wonder which of the 9000 neighbors you have bought her the alcohol. Lets hope its not the touching uncle type. Not like you would know, with your busy schedule and all.


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