WWE’s Randy Orton Injured In Motorcycle Accident (Photos)


Randy Orton, superstar of WWE, was injured in a motorcycle wreck on Sunday. Orton was injured but will be fine. Not really into wrestling but maybe should be, this guy is hot!

Randy Orton was riding his motorcycle in a sharp curve on a hill, when a car got too close and he had to go wider in turning.

Orton hit a curb and was thrown off his motorcycle and hit the ground, knocking him out. Randy Orton said he “bounced and rolled just under 300 feet, landing in a ditch.”

Randy Orton said, When I came to, I knew I had rebroken my collarbone.”

Orton was wearing a sweatshirt and shorts and thankfully a helmet! Knowing the helmet probably saved his life, Orton said, “Without a helmet, I would be dead.” And continued saying, “Now that I have a newborn daughter, so much was going through my head.”

Randy Orton had already broken his collarbone and it was healing, now with it rebroken, he will not require surgery but will have another few months added to his recovery time.

When asked if he had a message for his fans, Orton stated, “I will ride again.”

Thankfully Randy Orton didn’t sustain more serious injuries. We wouldn’t want him to “jack up” that handsome face!

Images: WENN

Source: WWE


  1. Absolutely luv the name and concept of your website, but the headline is a bit misleading, don't you think? I'm not the brightest of bulbs, so this may have just been me, but I thought we were going to see photos which were somehow related to the crash.


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