Who Is Rielle Hunter? (Photo): Edward’s Mistress Was A “Party Girl”


    Rielle Hunter was a film-maker who John Edwards risked his political future and his family for, is said to be a “party-girl” who even indulged in drugs.

    Rielle Hunter’s occupations have been all over the place including being an actress, producer, new age blogger – and now, whore!

    Hunter is from Florida, and the 43 year old woman grew up in a wealthy household, but is now deep in debt.

    Hunter, born Lisa Druck, first came to New York in the 80’s, where she hooked up with novelist Jay McInerney.

    “She used to be a real party girl,” he told Page Six. “When she wasn’t out at nightclubs, she was taking acting classes.

    “We dated for only a few months, but in that period, I spent a lot of time with her and her friends, whose behavior intrigued and appalled me to such an extent that I ended up basing a novel on the experience.”

    The book was called “Story of My Life.”

    In 2005 Rielle Hunter caught John Edward’s eye when she met her soon to be politician lover at the Regency Hotel bar.

    She was out with a group, drinking “like an old cougar fool,” Page Six’s source said. “She’s an idiot, a fool, a moron, a faux-guru, but not mean-spirited.”

    A year later Edwards’ political action committee paid $100,000 in a four-month period to a newly formed company run by Hunter.

    She directed production of four Web videos showing the presidential wannabe in supposedly candid moments as well as delivering a public address on morality.

    Edwards denied today that he ever loved her. But at parties Rielle Hunter would tell people she didn’t even know that she was having an affair with the senator, adding, she was “stressed out” but they were “in love,” another source said.

    Edwards used to gossip to Hunter about other candidates and personal information. “It was amazing what he confided to her. Very inappropriate stuff and not provable,” the source said.

    She later spent time in California where her blog says she went to “get away from New York because I was doing so many drugs,” according to the Huffington Post web site.

    On the coast, she wrote, acted in and produced a short comedy flick called “Billy Bob and Them.”

    Her new age blog, recently taken down, contains insights like: “Who knows why? Who cares? . . . Oh my God the comedy of it all,” according to the web site Jossip.

    She was married for about a decade to a man named Kip Hunter, who bears a striking resemblance to Edwards.

    He would say only, “I lived in New York a long time. I love your paper,” when questioned by the Post.

    Interesting huh?

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    1. Throughout all of history and through the end of time there will always be selfish women like Rielle Hunter who refuse to respect the institution of marriage. Classless people that put their own needs and desires above all else – leaving wives and children of these men devestated. Worse, she takes it one step further and now brings a child into this world, forcing them to bear the burden of her choices too.

      John Edwards is no angel – frankly, I'm disgusted with him too and think he's a complete selfish ass on a powertrip thinking with his other head… but the bottom line is, as women we are the ones in charge – we say NO. As women we should also take care of each other – not take swipes at each other, acting petty and trying to steal men. When will these clueless women get some self-esteeem and stop acting like whores?!

      And for the idiots who say don't judge her – Pfff, please! Women making comments like that are likely making coices just like Rielle and they don't like the harsh reality of facing exactly what it is they do. Sorry, you can make excuses to yourselves but you're a whore – deal with it.

      Rielle Hunter knew EXACTLY what she was getting into – the marriage, the money and the attention this would likely bring so please… give me a big, fat break! I do not feel sorry for Rielle Hunter! I feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards and the children on both sides that will have to come to terms with this with the public eye watching!


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