Mary Kate Olsen Issued a Subpoena: Olsen Wants Immunity Before Talking About Ledger’s Death


Mary Kate Olsen has always been secretive about Heath Ledger’s death. People speculated they two were dating, but could there be more to the story? Mary Kate will be forced to talk now. She was issued a subpoena.


Access Hollywood reports that a subpoena has been issued forcing Mary Kate Olsen to testify in front of a grand jury.

Before the subpoena was issued, MK agreed to talk to the feds if they gave her ass immunity. A lawyer not connected to the case said that really doesn’t mean anything. The lawyer-type said, “It may not mean anything other than she’s getting good legal advice. You don’t know what the DEA may suspect in this case and I think it’s a cautious way to proceed. I think it would be wrong to assume she’s done something criminal simply because she’s invoking her Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination.“

Mary-Kate Olsen has refused to be interviewed by federal investigators questioning the accidental drug death of her close friend Heath Ledger unless she receives immunity from prosecution. So what does she know that she needs immunity?

The lawyer for Mary Kate Olsen has repeatedly “shot down” attempts by the feds to question Olsen, who was the first person called after her masseuse discovered Ledger’s body in his SoHo apartment in January.

Federal investigators have been frustrated with Mary Kate’s refusal to talk, and could obtain a grand-jury subpoena to force the “Full House” actress to tell them whatever she knows about the “Dark Knight” star’s behavior, his possible drug use and the events of the morning Ledger died.

Investigators have already interviewed everyone close to Heath Ledger and his death, including his doctors, the masseuse, bodyguards, housekeepers, business associates and even the mother of his 2-year-old daughter, Matilda, his “Brokeback Mountain” co-star Michelle Williams.

“Ms. Williams was extremely nice and cooperative,” a source said.

A source confirms, “Everyone has been very eager to help, saying what a great guy Heath Ledger was, everyone except Mary-Kate, who has refused to speak.”

That source explained that Olsen would be the final witness they need to conclude their investigation into where he got his drugs and medicines.

Heath Ledger, whose performance as the Joker in “The Dark Knight” has started Oscar buzz – died of a cocktail of prescription drugs and OxyContin, the latter of which was likely obtained illegally.

Some sources close to Ledger say he was taking these medications because of his insomnia. Many speculated he had gotten so into his “Joker” character, that it was affecting him personally.

Heath Ledger’s death was ruled an accidental drug overdose by the medical examiner.

New York Police Department investigators closed their questioning without interviewing Olsen because, they said, they got all the cooperation they needed from others. Their decision, however, surprised some observers, considering Olsen’s role as a potential witness.

Many people found it strange that after getting the call from her masseuse, Olsen telephoned her bodyguards in New York, telling them to hurry to Ledger’s home, where they arrived just as paramedics got to the scene.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration, which opened an investigation to determine the sources of Ledger’s drugs, was not as easy-going as the NYPD about talking to Mary Kate Olsen.

The feds contacted her lawyer, Michael Miller, several times recently seeking her cooperation, but Miller has told the feds Olsen won’t be interviewed unless she gets immunity, exercising her constitutional rights.

According to sources, all of the drugs in Ledger’s body and discovered nearby in prescription bottles were legally obtained from two physicians, except for the oxycontin, a powerful painkiller.

Investigators “are trying to ID the source of the OxyContin,” a source said. “Did it come from a dealer, from a friend? If he had a bottle from a friend, was it taken by someone else before police responded? That is what is trying to be determined.”

DEA investigators were also aggressive with the NYPD, the sources said, and were forced to threaten to obtain a grand-jury subpoena before receiving the Heath Ledger files.

An NYPD spokesman said the department never balked at handing over the files and did so after receiving a routine federal administrative subpoena.

When questioned about asking for immunity for his client, Mary Kate Olsen’s lawyer said, “We are not going to comment on whether there is a criminal investigation,” and would not comment further.

Most of us baffled by Mary Kate Olsen’s request for immunity wonder what she is hiding? Did she tamper with the crime scene? Or was she the one that gave the Oxycontin to Heath? Or was there a romantic relationship she doesn’t want discovered?

Whatever Mary Kate Olsen is hiding, it must be serious, and could damage her “good girl” reputation. What do you guys think?

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  1. people usually invoke those rights because they have something to hide and are attempting to buy time. you don't have to actually be in a place to be charged with tampering with evidence. if you have someone else do it, then you will still be charged. she's still going to get caught. people need to learn to stop depending on drugs and medicine to make them feel better. how many people have to keep dying like this and leaving families behind before they learn? just goes to show that you shouldn't keep company with crackheads or do what they do….your problems will still exist no matter how high you get.

  2. She wasn’t even in town when all this happened so I don’t know about all this paranoia garbage, and she’s like 5′-5″ tall, so she hardly needs diet pills. hahahaha If anything she needs a bodybuilding plan. hahahaha 8P



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