“So You Think You Can Dance” Finale Winner 2008: SYTYCD Winner Season 4 (Photos)



“So You Think You Can Dance” ( SYTYCD) Season 4 winner is…… Find out who won SYTYCD below!

“So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD) Finale Winner is Joshua Allen for Season 4!

So You Think You Can Dance Finale (Season 4), Joshua Allan wins!

Joshua Allen must really be leaping high right now! Joshua Allan is the winner of SYTYCD Season Four!

The 19-year-old street dancer from Fort Worth, Texas””who before wowing audiences week after week with an endless array of tricks and stunning musicality used to have to do chores at the local dance school in exchange for lessons””has been named the winner of the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

“I just want to say that never let anybody tell you you can’t do anything, because no matter what you do, you can always go forward. The sky’s the limit!” Joshua said after sharing a big, fat bear hug with runner-up Steven “Twitch” Boss and wiping away some of those signature man tears he tended to spill.

Joshua, who along with Twitch had no classical training coming into the competition, wins $250,000 and a part in the upcoming Step Up 3-D, being produced by Hairspray director and SYTYCD guest judge Adam Shankman.

But while emotional powerhouse Courtney Galiano and the judges’ golden girl, Katee Sheann, had already exited stage right earlier in the evening, there was more than one celebratory moment Thursday.

Host Cat Deeley was pleased to inform Katee that, for the first time, the top girl/guy who didn’t win was waltzing off with a $50,000 consolation prize.

The crowning of Joshua capped off a two-hour finale that, unlike most competition-ending time killers, was just as fun to watch as any regular episode of the hit Fox series””assuming you like that sort of thing.

Aside from performances by the Jonas Brothers (Mary’s was screaming like crazy) and Cirque du Soleil and a pop-off between B-boy Robert Muraine (who dropped out when he feared he couldn’t do choreography) and Phillip Chebeeb (who caught pneumonia before Vegas), we were treated to live repeats of some of the judges’ favorite routines.

So, once again, we had Gev gripping Courtney’s bum during the rumba, Chelsie,trying to stop Mark from going to work to the tune of “Bleeding Love,” Will and his eight-pack simultaneously auditioning for Alvin Ailey and dancing one of the most exquisite contemporary numbers in four SYTYCD seasons with Katee, and Comfort going hit with Twitch in their futuristic hip-hop routine.

And it was all great. Again.

Take note, American Idol: This was oh-so-much better than having to revisit the most “memorable” rejects from auditions or sit through one long commercial for The Love Guru.

Meanwhile, Twitch both had to bring it Katee three times, with two of Katee’s numbers””the “No Air” hip-hop from week one where she ends up wearing Joshua’s shirt at the end and the door-banging contemporary routine with Twitch””coming after she learned she was out of the running for the top prize.

What can we say””incredible grace, stamina and flexibility impress us.

Sorry to say, though, that SYTYCD is over for the year. Until the Emmy-nominated show returns next summer, fans can get their fix in person during the 41-date live tour that will stomp across North America starting Sept. 20 in Tacoma, Wash.

Allen, the first hip-hop dancer to take the title, won a $250,000 cash prize and a role in the upcoming 3-D dance feature film, Step Up 3-D.

So what will Joshua Allen do with his $250,000 he received for winning SYTYCD Season 4?

“Invest it. Save it. Pay off my car and move to L.A.,” he told Us Magazine shortly after his win.

Fighting back tears after his win, the stunned dancer told fans to “never let anyone tell you you can’t do something. The sky’s the limit, God is in control, and with God you can do anything!”

Mary Murphy said of Joshua Allen, “Joshua can do anything!” she told Us of the aspiring recording artist and clothing designer. “He’s got star quality ““ the “it” factor ““ and a twinkle in his eye.”

In a So You Think You Can Dance first, Shean, the top female finisher, was awarded $50,000 for her efforts.

Congrats to Joshua Allen for winning SYTYCD!

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