Heidi Cortez: Star of Sunset Tan Season 2 (Photos)


Sunset Tan Season 2 airs August 3rd on E! Sunset Tan is a reality show about the Los Angeles-based tanning company. Read more about Heidi Cortez of Sunset Tan 2.


In 2002 Cortez appeared on The Howard Stern Show. She later became a frequent guest. In October 2005, Cortez was hired by Stern to be the late night hostess of the show Tissue Time with Heidi Cortez for one of his two channels on Sirius Satellite Radio On the show, Miss Cortez read comical erotic bedtime stories to listeners at the end of the day. As of July 2006 the show was canceled.

Cortez garnered the attention of Playboy.com, where in 2006, she was a featured celebrity model for three months.

Cortez owns and operates Cabana Tans in Reno, Nevada, which she says is the “second-largest in Northern Nevada”

Cortez also appears on the American reality television show Sunset Tan on E! Season 1 & 2


Don’t miss Sunset Tan, which premieres August 3rd at 9:30 Central on E!

Images: WENN

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