Sienna Miller Desperate To Win Balthazar Getty Back: Balthazar Returns To Wife Rosetta


Sienna Miller is said to be “˜devastated’ after Balthazar Getty, her married lover, went home to his wife and four children.

Sienna Miller, 26, has been repeatedly calling and texting oil fortune heir Balthazar Getty after finding out he had returned to Los Angeles to try and reconcile with his wife, Rosetta.

After Balthazar’s begging, his wife Rosetta has agreed to take him back. The couple had been married 8 years. Just two weeks ago, Balthazar confirmed he and his wife were splitting up, but apparently he had a change of heart and pleaded for Rosetta to give him another chance.

Sienna Miller is said to be heartbroken after falling for the married man, and this isn’t the first time she’s stolen another woman’s husband!

A source said: “Sienna and Balthazar were in New York for a few days together and then he told her he was going to LA to work and see his kids. But the reality is he is desperately trying to get back with his wife.”

“He realises he’s made a terrible mistake. He is trying to keep Sienna at arm’s length and hasn’t told her it is over yet so she is going frantic,” the source states.

“She has been calling and texting him constantly and is planning to go to LA herself as she believes she can win him back if they have a face-to-face meeting” said the source close to Miller.

“She’s devastated that he has distanced himself from her both emotionally and geographically,” the source adds.

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty got together in New York after being photographed frolicking on the beach in Italy. Sienna was photographed topless and hanging on Balthazar Getty.

Balthazar seemed flustered when approached at his family estate in the Hollywood Hills, saying only: “I can’t comment. When I’m ready, I’ll issue a statement. It’s because of the children.”

Balthazar Getty, 33, is a former drug addict and alcoholic, and is receiving counseling. Friends say he has definitely dropped Sienna.

A friend of the couple: “Balthazar and Sienna seemed infatuated with each other when they were in New York last week but I heard the reason the whole Sienna fling happened was because he fell off the wagon.”

An insider adds, “As soon as Balthy arrived back in LA on Monday he started pleading with his wife to take him back. He told me he’d gone to their house but she wouldn’t let him in. He stood outside crying.”

The source said, “”˜He came back to a hotel and was on the phone to Rosetta on and off for two hours, crying and constantly calling and she finally agreed to let him back in the house.”

A friend added, “In his mind he has definitely dropped Sienna but he’s in a very confused state at the moment. His biggest fear is losing his kids.”

Friend of Balthazar Getty say he became infatuated with Sienna Miller when he “fell off the wagon”.

His wife, Rosetta has set some conditions for considering taking her husband back, “She is saying the only way she will take him back is if he agrees to addiction and marriage guidance counselling. He humiliated her but he is still the father of her four children.”

Actress Sienna Miller, who dated Jude Law while he was still married to Sadie Frost and then dumped Rhys Ifans for Getty, has been confiding in her mother Jo, a drama teacher.

A London-based friend said: “Sienna has been on the phone to her mother in tears asking her for advice. Jo knows Balthazar as she was with them in Italy.”

“Jo has been telling Sienna to give Balthazar space. But Sienna is worried if she gives him too much space she will lose him. She already knows he is drifting away.”

“If she knew he was at the house with his wife she would not like it at all,” the friend confides.

She is rumoured to have flown from New York to the Caribbean last Monday, the same day her married boyfriend returned to Los Angeles.

The source said: “˜She is planning to fly to LA to see Balthy. She has no idea he is at the wife’s house. He told her he was going to see the kids.’

The affair scandal has left Sienna’s reputation in Hollywood in shreds. She has already been given the nicknames “˜Sluttyenna’ and “˜Serial Miller’ because of her many high-profile affairs.

A public relations person told The Mail on Sunday: “Sienna’s reputation in Hollywood has gone from bad to worse. People didn’t like it when she was running around with Jude Law while he was still married but this whole thing with Getty is the pits.”

The pr guy adds, “She is perceived as nothing more than a home-wrecker. It would be different if her movies did big numbers at the box office, but they don’t. It’s one thing to misbehave in private but when you cause a huge public scandal and then are photographed half naked with someone else’s husband, that is something that not only destroys marriages but it can also destroy careers.”

Maybe Sienna Miller is experiencing some karma, after the many hearts she has broken in her relationships.

Do you think Rosetta Getty should take husband, Balthazar, back after the public affair?

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