Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Affair Still On!: Slutty & Getty Spotted Together


Actress Sienna Miller, who has been dating married actor Balthazar Getty after breaking up with Rhys Ifans, has again been seen with Getty again. Rosetta Getty and Balthazar were said to have reconciled. So what happened?


Sienna Miller and Balthazar have been secretly meeting at the Chateau Marmont in LA reports The Sun:

The actress has had liaisons with millionaire Balthzar Getty at the Chateau Marmont hotel “” less than two miles from his pad in the Hollywood Hills.

It contradicts claims the actor, 33 “” heir to a £25billion oil fortune “” has dumped Sienna and begged wife Rosetta, mother of his four kids, to take him back.

Sienna, 26, was spotted leaving the Chateau at 4pm on Tuesday. Getty’s car remained inside the hotel garage.

Getty, who was previously snapped snogging the topless Brit on a yacht in Italy, has a room at the hotel while filming in LA.

He is yet to be seen visiting Rosetta, 38, or their kids.

Sources said before leaving the hotel, Sienna appeared nervous and upset “” and was arguing on her mobile.

One said: “She looked ragged. Her hair was a mess and she was chain-smoking.

“She was arguing on the phone, talking about her and Balthazar being caught together in Italy.”

Another source added: “Rosetta has a lot of friends in Hollywood. People are turning their backs on Sienna because of this.”

The pair had already been spotted snogging outside a Malibu grocery store on Sunday.

Another sighting of the cheating couple on Sunday:

Sienna was waiting in a car at Ralph’s grocery store in Malibu as he rode up and down on a bike to make sure there were no paparazzi around.

Balthazar Getty, who was supposedly trying to save his marriage to Rosetta, was relieved they weren’t being watched, and Sienna Miller jumped out of the car for a quick kiss.

Then a person passing by yelled out Getty’s name!

An eyewitness said: “He looked nervy and rode off. He came back later but it was like something out of a Carry On film.”

Most recent sources stated Balthazar had begged and pleaded his way into getting back together with wife, Rosetta. And it was being said that Rosetta had agreed to give Balthazar another chance.

Let’s hope that Rosetta did not agree to reconcile as that would be a terrible heartbreak for her to learn that Balthazar is still seeing Sienna.

Guess Balthazar can forget getting his wife, Rosetta’s forgiveness now after being caught with Sienna once again!

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Source: news


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