Shawn Johnson “Taco Pop” Video: What the Hell?


This is one of those “must watch” videos. It’s crazy! But who in the hell convinced Shawn Johnson it was cool to say, “It Makes my Taco Pop”? See Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson in this whacked out video.

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This Shawn Johnson Ortega “taco” video is disturbing. Seriously who talked this innocent young gymnast into saying that? Is it a joke? Sadly no! But most of us have a double thing in mind when talking about a “taco”. Well, just check the Ortega commercial with Shawn Johnson out for yourself!


  1. Here are 10 more things that make Shawn's taco pop:

    10. Stick shift on her 2008 Mustang.

    9. “War and Peace” (paperback edition).

    8. That time in a Utah RV park with some history teacher named Ron.

    7. The very idea that Tom Cruise isn’t gay.

    6. The Mark David Manders song “Three Fingers Tequila.” (Ooops – misprint: not the song, just the fingers.)

    5. Rainbow trout.

    4. 12-ounce Ortega Taco Sauce bottles.

    3. 16-ounce Ortega Taco Sauce bottles (although these can get a little tricky).

    2. Long bareback rides through a mist-covered meadow at midnight on a Palimino named Gunther.

    1. Valeri Liukin.

    More of this on my site.


  2. Are you kidding me Jeff and Gerard???? Would YOU two let your 17 year old daughter do a commercial on national television talking about something that makes 'my taco pop'??? Either you're not very up on today's street slang, or you're a pair of perverts. When I first saw clips of this on the 'net I figured it was something someone had put together, but apparently I was wrong. What a shame her parents didn't think very hard or consult some other people before signing yet another contract to exploit their child…but I guess if it recoups some of the money they've laid out on training and travel they figure it's okay. Sheesh.


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