Sean Paul Arrested For Marijuana Possession in Sweden (Photos)


Sean Paul was arrested in Sweden for possession of an unknown quantity of marijuana. Shocker! Who would ever expect a reggae guy would smoke weed? Look at that innocent baby face, would Sean Paul do that?

Sean Paul was performing at the Uppsala Reggae Festival where he and other artists were caught smoking marijuana by an undercover officer, and arrested.

Sean Paul was taken in to a local police station on suspicion of drug possession. Sources have said around 200 other people from the Uppsala Reggae Festival were also brought in on drug related arrests.

Supposedly the police are sending the drugs in to a lab for testing. It would seem they could look at the marijuana and smell it to determine if it is really weed! But guess they have to handle it in their official way.

We will keep you posted on Sean Paul’s arrest. No statement out yet on Paul’s official arrest charges or the amount of time he is facing. We’ll keep you updated!

Here’s the sexy and awesome Sean Paul with Rihanna in Break It Off:

Images: WENN

Source: news


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