Salman Rushdie may sue Ron Evans.


Salman Rushdie has threatened to sue his ex bodyguard, Ron Evans, because he wrote a book that contained derogatory terms in reference to himself.

Ron Evans, the ex security officer for Rushdie, claimed that the author was “mean, nasty, tight-fisted and extremely arrogant.”

Ron Evans recounted one anecdote about Rushdie being locked in a cupboard for a few hours because the guards were so frustrated by his treatment of them. The guards went to a pub to drink and cool off before returning and releasing Rushdie from his temporary confinement.

Ron Evans’ book, “On Her Majesty’s Service”, revealed that Rushdie was so untidy in appearance that the guards nicknamed him “Scruffy.”

Salman Rushdie is not amused by all this and he is thinking to sue Ron Evans.

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