Ricky Martin Gay: Dad To Twin Boys (Photos)


Ricky Martin welcomes two boys! But wait a second, isn’t Ricky Martin gay? Oh, Ricky Martin pulled a “Clay Aiken” and had a surrogate mother. Read more below.

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Ricky Martin is truly living “La Vida Loca” with the birth of his twin sons. Sorry couldn’t help myself!

Martin seems to be pulling a “Clay Aiken” by having children without ever having to touch a vagina.

Martin, the Latin singer, 36, has twin sons born by a surrogate mother several weeks ago. This has been confirmed by Us magazine.

“The children, delivered via gestational surrogacy, are healthy and already under Ricky’s full-time care,” the statement read.

“Ricky is elated to begin this new chapter in his life as a parent and will be spending the remainder of the year out of the public spotlight in order to spend time with his children.”

There has been speculation for years that the Latin heartthrob is homosexual. But Ricky Martin doesn’t want to share that part of his life with the public.

“I think that sexuality is something that each individual should deal with in their own way,” he told Barbara Walters back in 2005. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

Congrats to Ricky Martin on being a dad to his twin boys!

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  1. .

    LOL …Ricky Martin has ”revealed” that he is gay?

    Newsflash … EVERYONE on the entire planet

    ALREADY KNEW that Ricky Martin was gay.

    Much like the "revelation" by Clay Aiken,

    Rosie O'Donnel and Ellen Degeneres —

    the only people "ever shocked" by these

    "closet-exitings" are the "exiters" themselves.

    Oh wait … here's another Newsflash … 'In a related

    story … deeply inspired by Mr. Martin’s ‘courage’

    and speaking from his headquarters at the Vatican

    … the Pope has bravely announced to the world

    that he is, in fact (as many of his most loyal fans

    and others have long suspected) — a Catholic'.

    LOL …. “revealed” … LOL …. “revealed” …

    Well … anyway .. this ‘announcement’ is probably

    gonna become really BIG news — 10 years ago.


  2. Leo – Ricky Martin lovers name is Don Luciano, hes a tv producer although I cant find anything on him.

    the violator should be ashamed of yourself. They deserve support not derision.

  3. yeh, he is super-gay. the fact that even when he was relevant, he was never known to be dating any women even when he could have had his pick was pretty telling. then the surrogate thing is the nail in the coffin.

    its a done deal folks- he's a shit-packing fag!!!

  4. I dont know wht everyone thinks this is a big deal. He has a boyfriend out of hollywood named luciano or something italian. wht does it matter that hes a gay dad or dads? hes dad and has a fmaily god bless him

  5. Huhuu…not good enough a cover. Until he goes down there himself, he's still gay to me. ^^ not that i mean that in a bad way. (Of course him and Eros Ramazzoti looked nice together in that duo lol)

    And now, ANYBODY can have a GF just for a cover. It's…sorta like a self defense mechanism for gay guys REALLY not wanting to be outed. XD Especially him, since it would seem all he has to do is snap his fingers and get one. lol

  6. Why does nobody draw it to sign the articles like this?

    Possibly he according to it everybody gay who lives alone?

    Why his soul no interests nobody, why only his ass?

  7. UMMMM…….YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for 14 years. AND Barbara Walters later RECANTED what she said on the The View…maybe you've heard of it???? Or did you conveniently leave that out… Watch it on Youtube, you idiot(s). Do some REAL journalism BEFORE you publish, eh??? And you have the nerve and reeking illness to congratulate him at the end of the article. Immature imbecility. Are you sure YOU are not gay??? After all–you're such an itty bitty person we needs to talkies in nursewy wymes–"WHOMEVER SMELT IT DEALT IT!!! And methinks YOU smelt it. Though, if you are as much of a regressive infant as I believe you are, you wouldn't understand that part. So, get yourself a bottie of milkies and sit on mommy's lap while she explains it to you. And don't get your diaper in a bunch. Mommy will change it for you.

  8. Ricky Martin has always said he is not gay. He only said that on Barbra Walters because people don't believe him. He has had a girlfriend Rebecca de Alba for years.


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