Pink Sends Ex Carey Hart A Message In “So What” Video


Pink’s new single “So What,” debuted on New York City’s Z100 Thursday morning, and the song seems to give a little insight on her relationship with ex-husband, Carey Hart.

Carey Hart, Pink’s ex, said last month that he misses “everything about” Pink ““ and even that he hoped for a future with her, even though it could be wishful thinking.

Pink’s new song may tell a different story, as she says in her new song, “So What”:

“And I don’t need you/And guess what/I’m having more fun/And now that we’re done/I’m gonna show you tonight/I’m all right, I’m just fine/And you’re a tool/So so what?”

Pink wrote on her Myspace about the new song: “Glad you likey’s. And don’t worry ““ Carey likey’s too. We are insane.”

Pink has been busy making the video for her new single, “So What”. In one part, she rides down a street in Los Angeles on a riding lawnmower. “This video was too much fun,” she writes on her blog. “If you ever get a chance to drive a lawnmower down Sunset Blvd. ““ I highly suggest it.

Here’s Pink’s new single, “So What” with photos from the making of the new video:

Images: WENN

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