Paul Newman Dying Of Cancer – Sadly Given Weeks To Live (Photos)


Paul Newman’s health is very serious, and his doctors have given Paul Newman only weeks to live. The handsome actor Paul Newman is dying and wants to be at home. Newman wants to die at his own home with wife, Joanne Woodward, by his side. So sad!

News of Paul Newman’s health is that it is extremely serious, and he has been given just weeks to live. Newman has finished chemotherapy treatment for cancer and has told his family he wants to die at home.

Paul Newman, the Oscar-winning star, was pictured being pushed from a New York cancer hospital in a wheelchair looking thin and frail.

Paul Newman, 83, reportedly has been given only weeks to live and had returned home to his wife Joanne Woodward.

“Paul didn’t want to die in the hospital,” a source said. “Joanne and his daughters are beside themselves with grief.”

The source, a close family friend said that Newman ““ who co-owns a motor racing team and has his own salad dressing brand ““ had spent the past few weeks getting his affairs in order.

Rumors have said that Paul Newman’s actions had caused tension among of his children.

“He gave a prized car , a Ferrari with his racing number 82 on it, to a good friend,” the source said. “The sudden move angered his children. It’s especially hard for them to come to grips with what’s going on.”

The family friend says, “The word they’ve been given is that he has only a few weeks to live.”

Paul Newman married Joanne Woodward in 1958 and the couple have three daughters.

It was reported last month that he had been preparing their oldest child, Nell, to take over his Newman’s Own salad dressings company, the profits of which are given to a charitable foundation.

Newman also has two daughters from his first marriage to Jackie Witte.

Paul Newman has declined to comment on his health condition, apart from saying he is “doing nicely”.

In January, rumors began about Paul Newman’s health. Then three months ago, he withdrew from directing a production of “Of Mice and Men” in his home town of Westport, Connecticut.

Paul Newman was recently photographed leaving the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, which specializes in cancer treatment, in a wheelchair on July 31.

Newman retired from acting in 2006 after a 50-year career that included Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), The Sting (1971), The Hustler (1961), Hud (1963) and Cool Hand Luke (1967).

Paul Newman was nominated for ten Oscars, winning best actor for his role in The Color of Money in 1986, known for his good-looks and “baby blues”.

We wish Paul Newman all the best and our thoughts are with him and his family!

Images: WENN

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