Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez Dating: Relationship Confirmed (Photos)

The Jonas Brothers: Nick, Joe, & Kevin Jonas
The Jonas Brothers: Nick, Joe, & Kevin Jonas

Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez have not officially confirmed they are dating, but in recent separate interviews, the couple accidentally “spilled the beans”.

Selena Gomez recently was interviewed by Twist magazine and confided, “While we were slow dancing”¦my crush and I had our first kiss!. Selena continued, “After it, I leaned back and I said, ‘You cheated.’ And he said, ‘Why’ and I said, ‘I don’t kiss on the first date.’ Then he said, ‘Well, I never really play by the rules.

Then Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, had an interview with “Girls Life” magazine and stated, “On one date, the girl said to me, ‘I don’t kiss on the first date.’ So I said, ‘I don’t follow the rules.'”

Hmmm… that sure raises some eyebrows doesn’t it? Their romantic interviews describing their partner sure sound similar!

Selena Gomez, 16, recently said she doesn’t “have a boyfriend right now. I go on dates and have crushes and stuff, though.”

Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas, 15, both wear purity rings.

“It’s something I made a promise to myself about,” Selena has stated.

Another slipup! Although Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas haven’t gone public with their love, Selena recently added fuel to the fire in another interview.

When gossip website told the teen star that she and the youngest Jonas Brother “make a cute couple,” she smiled and said, “Thanks!”

And she didn’t stop there, gushing about her maybe-boyfriend: “He is a very good-hearted guy and he’s very passionate about what he does.”

So do you think Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas should go public with their romance?

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  1. ah I think its really cool also Selena Gomez is my favourite singer and celebrity and out of all of the jonas brothers I think Nick is the cutest

  2. WHO IS dating SELENA GOMEZ i heard that she has been dating *MARTIN LOPEZ* from youtube he is cute but not as not as nick jonas but hes cute to

  3. Selena is not Miley bff. Miley broke up with him and now she is dating somebody else. Nick and Selena look perfect fo each other

  4. nope why would selena do that to miley her bff i think nick should just stay single 4 now ..selena is not a true bff to do that to miley….i think selena sould go out with that dude that she made a movie with in, another cinderrella story.

  5. why not date her or any other – you know all those young girls are giving up the pussy to him – from miley to selena the boy must be packaging some serious cock – if not selena can drop that little latin pussy and fine little ass on my 11" COCK anytime

  6. i think that selena gomez is so great and i love nick jonas too but i also think that if selena gomez and nick jonas is dating fine nobody should care but if they break up thats there problum not ours but the only thing i want to say rite now is be careful nick jonas and u too selena gomez!!!!!!

  7. i love them together !!

    luvd miley with him but ever since the break up she has changed massivly!!

    hate her now lol

    i dont know why people are hating on selena and nick together? i mean its ok if you dont like them together but you dont have to call her a bitch and say that nick should burn in hell (which btw i think that whoever wrote that should be PUNISHED!) lol


    totally addicted!!

  8. I think its stupid. What all the others say: he has to date a "normal" person. He gets so more happy! I doesn't have to be a fan, just a normal who doesn't is a celebrity. Like me 😛 Than my dream is coming true! It doesn't happen, but i can try!

  9. look i dont giv i dont want demm goin out and selena is ganna turn into britney spears they same cute and good at first buh hunny i dont fall for dahh dats stupid amma kill her if she hurts nick jonas or any1 else i will go after her like come oon i live close where htey live

  10. no no no no no no! they SHOULD NOT go out! i luv nick and it would break my heart if i saw them 2gether! but…if it makes nick happy…then i would be rly happy 4 them but 2 me they dont make a good couple.

  11. you a lucky girl selena…

    you are so cute together..

    and..i think they are is perfect couple…=D

    and..i think selena was better from miley…

  12. i dont think that selena and nick should date

    because she dated his brother joe jonas and her and nike dont look cutr together at all compaired to when nick and miley were dateing they looked better together and i think that selena should stop makeing lies about her Relaction ship with nick and should stop makeing her self look like a barbie doll and i think that she should ger over the fact that she got cheated on by nick's brother joe.

  13. I think that is all rite because the secret is donna come out sooner or later and aon one of the pages on google it says that he does not like her and she states that they are not dateing they are only friendsin total girl magazine

  14. i understand why they wanna keep it private but their relationship is eventually gonna come out so why waste time trying to hide it????

  15. I think it's their decision if they want to go out. They can pick who ever they want and feel better with!!!!!!!!! Awsome Nick jonas

  16. I think it's their desoin if they want to go out. They can pick who ever they want and feel better with!!!!!!!!! Awsome Nick jonas

  17. EDITED:

    think that Nick shouldn’t date selena,or even miley!

    (OhMiGawwd) you are right,Nick said that he would be fine dating a fan,

    it would be better cuz hey would have WAYYY more privacy..

    The paparatzi wouldn’t really mind too much,

    and probably fan’s wouldn’t be saying

    f*^% miley or f*&% selena.

    They probably might even say to the fan,

    your really lucky.

    I wish i was you.

    Miley,Selena,Nick and everone would be happy.Or so i think?

    Just i can’t believe that he would be dating her,they just arent cute together.

    Ehh,Haven’t you even noticed that Kevin Jonas is dating a normal girl??

    Why wont nick do the same??

    Not like have Intercorse when

    he made a promise(im just thinking when he would/is/was dating miley or selena.

    It’s like that because of all the presure.

    But when he would date a normal girl,

    all that pressure might go away,

    he wont break his promise,noone will hate him…and i wanna date him…..LoL

    I mean it.

    Please whenever you meet nick,

    he’s single,

    tell him what i said.

    My email is email me when you wanna talk.

    I’ll help and talk.

    Only if it’s about the jonas brothers.




    the person who named their comment gosh,

    can you please not do that.

    How about if you say that to one person,

    …and you found out that they are dating nick,which (im jsut pretending)well maybe

    the girls chance was

    1 to a 1,000,000,000,000 other girls,

    and she was that

    1 out of 1,000,000,000,000 %…

    I odnt think anyone is calling selena a bitch…your the only one that i saw write…


    You should really change what you are saying.

    I do think nick should date selena,

    or miley whoever he chooses..

    but to remember once he goes public,

    which im not sure if he will…

    it will be much worser than if he would be dating a normal girl.

    Nick if you are reading this…

    then to let you know i know that you would or are dating selena,but i think you might be more happier from the paparattzi if you would date a fan,

    well that's my opinion.

  18. idc if u dont like selena! if hes dating her so be it bitches ur chances of dating him are slim to none! gosh so shut the fuck up! if u love him so much be happy for him and stop calling his “gf” a slut or bitch or whatevr gosh its not up to you!

  19. They're perfect for each other.Nick needs to move on,and if he want to stay it a secret its his choice.I agree with Amanda. Miley broke his sexy heart. Thats like if you dated you would not want the world to Know.Duhhhh!They're great people. If you want to want the truth,dont hurt em' SUPPORT EM'!!!I LOVE NELENA!!!

  20. i believe that they can do whatever they would like to do.I am in love with nick jonas just like 1000000000000000 other girls but some of them dont understand that they need to trying to understand that we would never be but im totally not putting my hopes down.So they can keep it private or public but either way there happy with each other.

    thats how life goes :[

  21. UM they tottaly should date HOEVER thet want not just because people dont want them to people cant tell them who to date if he really likes her and she really likes him they soooooooo should go out you people who said they shouldnt LET THEM DO WHATEVER THEY WANT

  22. i think selena and nick are the perfect cupel and if they ar not dating then i owuld advise them to start dating ther both awsome and i love both pf thel selens is a funny actress and nick is awsome in the band … you to deserv eachother … love you xxx hailey xxx

  23. i agree with OhMiGawwd. he should date a normal girl. then maybe the press would tone it down a bit on his (and her) private life.

  24. I hope their not dating but its pretty stupid for them to lie to all their fans and saying that there not dating but obviosly they are! If they are i guess their a good couple but idk there not suited for eachother. I mean selena and nick are both greatt people but idk they dont seem good for eachother!


  25. Omg. They Cant Be Dating. I Hate Selena Gomez.

    They Dont Suit Each Other And She Will Be Hated If Their Going Out.

    Nick Should Date Some Normal Girl.

    Not A Celebrity.

    Lots Of Boys Who Are Famous Prefer Girls Who Are Not.

    I Do Not Think Nick Should Date Selena Or Miley.

    The Public Sooo Does Not Want To See Nick Get Married To Young Or Being Untrue To His Religion Which Will Happen If He Continues Getting Involved With These Two Sluts!

  26. all i can say is that i beleive selena gomez and nick jonas are dating. i tolded my best friend that they was dating and that they should stop hiding, its ok just because some people thinks she stole him from miley cyrus i beleive she didn't, but i knew something was going on when she was in the jonas brothers video (burning up) the one when he saves her.Most teenagers just date people just because its fun and when they get bored they just break- up NO BIG DEAL, but celebrity break-ups are BIG DEALS because they are famous and they spread like a nasty disease. all i am saying is SELENA DID NOT STEAL NICK FROM MILEY AND THAT IF SELENA AND NICK ARE DATING JUST GET OVER IT AND BE OUT IN THE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they should say it or the news reporters will be everywhere and anywhere the two lovebirds will be.

  27. Well, this article has actually shocked me. But i think the truth is they're both starting to get closer. They have private dates where the public can't see. They say they're just friends, but they're really not. I really don't know what i'm saying -_-' All i really know, is that Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus fans are gonna be really pissed once they see them, if they ever do "go out" in public. Us people will just have to wait and see!

  28. Miley was better. Selena is a bitch for actually kissing her 'friend's ex boyfriend. And Nick is an @$$ hole he can just go burn in hell.

  29. aww. i dont wanna say theyr dating but im pretty sure theyr both definately crushing! haha. its tough to decide weither to go public or stay private cuz its buzzing around the fans a ton!! so either the fans should embrace it, or remain confused? haha. cuz if they take it public its gonna be papparazzi and press everywhere when theyr going somewhere together & some fans are gonna hate on selena for no good reason. lol. so i really couldnt say what side im on 😛

  30. i think they should keep their private lives private but they are both under the spotlight because they are stars. if nick and selena are dating then thats great because its hard for stars such as themselves to find someone that they like and likes them back(for the right reasons!) nick i love your curly hair, your brothers, and your music but those are the only things that everyone should be caring about. by talking about dating and everything can only take attention away from what your really trying to do in the music industry. ~this is just my opinion~ jb-you rock the socks of many people<333


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