Nereida Gallardo Topless Photos: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ex Shows Him What He’s Missing


Nereida Gallardo, best known as soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend, makes quite a splash on the beach topless. See the topless photos after the bump.

Nereida Gallardo, 22, the “busty” Spaniard, was dumped by Cristiano Ronaldo last month. Nereida Gallardo looks like she is doing just fine after the break-up, sunbathing on an Ibiza beach.

Nereida and Cristiano dated about 7 months, until he dumped Gallardo for another hottie, Letizia Fillipi.

It looks like Nereida Gallardo is showing Cristiano Ronaldo (and the entire world) what he is missing out on!

Topless bikini photos below: You can also see the NSFW photos here.

Images/Source: news


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