Montauk Sea Creature (Photos)


The internet has been buzzing with new of the Montauk sea creature Monster that washed up on the shore in Long Island. Guess it’s freaky creature week as here is a photo of some strange monster-looking creature photographed in Salem, Massachusetts.

This monster creature said to have washed up on the shore in Massachusetts is strange looking indeed! These photos were taken in May sources have reported. So what do you make of it?

Check out that weird horn looking thing on its head, and those scary sharp teeth? What do you guys think it could be? Read the latest on the Montauk monster too here.

See the other photos of this crazy-looking creature below. Seriously, what the hell is this thing?


  1. I like the way it looks maaaannnnn…….. It reminds me of the hunt! (Fairly Odd Parents) hahaha! jk jk jk, but umm…..itz creepy lookin n junk!


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