Miley Cyrus New Racy Photos Hit Internet: Miley Hacked Again


Miley Cyrus has been hacked yet again! Naughty Miley has new sexy photos leaked onto the internet. Will she ever learn?

Once again, Miley’s cell phone has been hacked and new sexy photos hit the internet! The “Digital Gangster” strikes again! View below Miley Cyrus in her bikini photo, Miley’s panties photo, and other sexy poses… for a 15 year old girl at least!

These new set of photos of Miley Cyrus have hit the web and they do look like her!

It’s not like these photos are pornographic or anything, just awfully sexy poses for a 15 year old girl. She’s going to be trouble!

Will these new photos hurt Miley Cyrus’ Disney reputation or is that already damaged? Remember like her song, “she’s just being Miley”.

Here are the latest hacked photos of Miley Cyrus.

Images: Trainreg


  1. dude, everyone acts like this is a huge deal, when is all reality probably 70% of teenage girls (around 15) do the exact same thing that Miley has done. they probably take more provocative pictures than she has taken. everyone needs to come to realize that money girls young or older in this century that we are now living in, are fast. they like attention and dont care how they get it.. taking dirty pictures, or having sex, doesnt matter.
    so if everyone is gonna talk crap about her for having these pictures that she didnt know would get leaked for everyone too see, then everyone should talk crap about alot of other young girls.

    &btw, yeah most people may think this is horrible because she is a "role model" for young children.
    but parents should know better than to let their kids have FAMOUS role models.
    if their famous, then more than likely something like this is gonna happen.
    so stop complaining and be a role model for your kids YOURSELF, and dont let them look up to others.

    my opinion.

    –B. <3

  2. I don't get it. Wether someonelikes her or not isn't the issue. If

    you can't or can see anything isn't the point. At 15 she shouldn't be taking photos of herself in the shower naked ok covered by a tshirt.

    We don't need to know she's wearing a green bra. She knows when going to a beach in a bikini the TMZ creeps will be out in force. The whole "Vanity Fair scandal" was set up. I'm not going to call her names,but it's a sad spectacle when a child tries to be erotic.

  3. denisa, Good god, what the hell are you writing?
    for example, “if she didn’t a nice person”.
    Don’t judge people? Sorry I gotta judge you as you have got to be pretty fuckin’ stupid. Are you a window licker??

  4. just FYI, i used to hate miley and jealous of her. i though she couldn’t sing at all… but after i watched HM me and mr. jonas, i tried to watched HM season 1 eps 1 n i realize that i was wrong. her talented is really natural n she didn’t famous because her dad. i watched her acting in all eps HM, hear al her songs which i know she created by her own. and i went to her concert and i really know that she really talented. she really can sing. somebody tell me that our creation is show people who we are… and i know all miley’s songs is really good and full moral lesson. so i’m started adored her. i know she made mistakes… but come on guys… nobody’s perfect!! don’t judge person who u don’t know. there’s so much people in the world who wayyyyyy really slut. u better wish for her to don’t be like paris hilton or madonna. i don’t know her, but at least a tried to know anything about her to find out is she a nice person or not. and i realize, if she didn’t a nice person, she wouldn’t have great friends, and being as famous as now.

  5. Miley Cyrus, you are a piece of shit sent from hell below. 99.9% of your fans hates you already. Will you ever learn??? Ever. It's funny because I think even 3 year old are more mature than you.

  6. This is really ashame..Like once she's done wit disney her career is so over…She's deff the next lindsey,paris,britney..Ughhh she needs a reality check

  7. Miley Cyrus you little cow your such a fucking slut no wonder no-one wants their children near you or thinking about you. Whats wrong with you. Youve already turned into amywhinehouse, marykate olsen, lindsay lohan combined. The only thing i want right now in my life is for you to go and die. That way the world will be safe from little bitchy sluts like you. And by the way while your fucking your bf you might as well do your dad and while your at it do everyone you noe.


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