Michelle Williams Finds Love Again After Heath’s Death?: Williams Dating Spike Jonze


Michelle Williams seems to have found love again with director Spike Jonze seven months after the tragic death of her former fiancé Heath Ledger. The new couple have even been seen kissing in LA!


The two recently shared an intimate dinner at Little Dom’s in Los Angeles this weekend.

An according to an insider, “During dinner they would lean in and kiss each other over the table.”

And by the end of dinner, Williams had hopped onto Jonze’s lap.

That’s when the couple proceeded to “smooch.”

Jonze “had his arm around [Williams] and kissed her on the cheeks, then on the lips.”

Of course, both reps have no comments.

Michelle Williams and Spize Jonze were seen boarding a private jet bound for Oregon yesterday along with the Brokeback Mountain actress’s two-year-old daughter with Heath Ledger, Matilda.

Williams and Jonze were seen strolling together outside the airport, Williams at one point breaking into a big smile.

Spike Jonze has dated Drew Barrymore and was once married to Sophia Coppola.

Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze first met in 2006 when Michelle auditioned for his film of the Maurice Sendak children’s book “Where The Wild Things Are”.

Williams was offered the part in the movie, but later withdrew from the film.

Last year Michelle and Spike finally worked together on Synecdoche, New York in the summer of 2007, and struck up a friendship. At the time Williams was still dating Heath Ledger.

A source told Mail Online: “For the first time in two years, Michelle and Spike are both single, and because of the friendship they first developed in 2006, they have come together. “

The friend added, “Having been friends first, they totally got to know each other first, without romance getting in the way, and Spike has been very supportive during this most difficult time for Michelle.”

Michelle Williams was just devastated after Heath Ledger died of an accidental drug overdose in January, and the source says she could not bring herself to consider a new romance.

Williams said at the time: “My heart is broken. All that I can cling to is his presence inside [Matilda] that reveals itself every day.”

But it appears Williams and Jonze have become quite close in recent weeks, possibly blossoming into a romantic relationship.

The source also said, “Matilda means the world to Michelle, who is now left alone to raise her daughter. And Spike, who has no children of his own, has been very good to both Michelle and Matilda.”

Adding, “Spike had a gentle way of just being there for Michelle. There was no pressure for her to spend time with him ““ he just wanted to be a loving, supportive shoulder for Michelle to cry on. And his patience and kindness caused Michelle to look at him in a different light. Now the two are spending more time together, and their one-time friendship has developed into more.”

The friend of Williams stated, “Michelle loves Spike’s quirky sense of humor and his brilliant talent. And he adores her soft, feminine demeanor, and he is in awe of the way she parents her daughter. This could certainly prove to be the right match for them both.”

After Heath’s tragic death, Michelle probably does need someone in her life. Do you think it’s time for Michelle to find a new love?

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  1. Well Heath Ledger got himself a beautiful, younger, friendlier, more chilled out girlfriend Gemma Ward who he spent Christmas with in Australia a few weeks before his death, so why shouldn’t Michelle start dating again. She probably started dating shortly after she got dumped by Heath anyway, because the rumor is that Heath left her a long long time before they made the split public.


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