Michael Phelps Wardrobe Malfunction (Photos)


    Michael Phelps wardrobe malfunction? When we first heard of Phelps’ wardrobe malfunction, we got a little excited. Did his speedo’s come off during the race? But sadly it was another type of malfunction. Damn!

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    Michael Phelps’ wardrobe malfunction wasn’t what we all hoped! This dude does wear his speedos awfully low, which we like! But hearing rumors of the malfunction brought to mind his speedo’s slipping off or something. Check out the sexy photos of Michael Phelps in the video below the post. Yummy!

    Sadly it was just his goggles! In the 200 m butterfly, water flooded into Michael Phelps’ goggles. Phelps referred to this as a “wardrobe malfunction”. Phelps said that he just did not strap us goggles on properly. Phelps was grateful for the 2sec comfort zone he had on the world going into the race, to make up for this mistake. Phelps swam the last two laps of the 200 butterfly blind because his goggles had filled with water.

    Well, Michael Phelps just got like $100 million dollars hotter!   Michael Phelps agent stated said, “What is the value of eight golds in Beijing before a prime-time audience in the US? I’d say 100 million dollars over the course of his lifetime.” His agent said that he’s been getting around 50 offers a day.

    Michael already has deals with Speedo, Hilton and Omega. One industry expert said that if he leaves Speedo,   Nike could pay him up to $50 million.

    Michael Phelps is just adorable, and wasn’t it so precious how his first thought after each gold medal win, was to go see his mother, Debbie Phelps. So sweet!

    Phelps is obviously a “mama’s boy”, but look at his cute face and slim sexy body!

    In the end, not only were Phelps’ arms and legs tired, so was his neck. Eight times Phelps stepped to the top of the podium to have a gold medal hung around his neck.

    With each win, Phelps climbed into the stands to embrace his mother, Debbie Phelps, and two sisters, Whitney and Hilary, and their emotions poured forth.

    “She cried, my sisters cried, I cried,” Phelps said. “It’s been a really fun week.”

    Phelps mother raised him as a single parent, she is a Baltimore principal. His father, also at the Olympics, Fred Phelps, is a Maryland state trooper.

    “My mom and I joke – I think I was in middle school and an English teacher said I’d never be a success,” he said. Guess Phelps showed that teacher!

    After every win, Phelps would give the flowers to his mother that he received on the Olympic podium. Her hotel room now looks like a florist shop.

    She’s having the flowers preserved, she says. Her son is saving every swim cap, every suit, every pair of goggles and every article of clothing he wore.

    “I have the memories, I have pictures, I’ll have the medals forever,” Phelps says.

    Still upset about the supposed “wardrobe malfunction”, but congrats to Michael Phelps on 8 gold medals and breaking the record!

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