Meghan McCain Hangs With Celebrities “Daddy” John McCain Pokes Fun At!


Does Meghan McCain want to hang with the celebrities or even be one herself? Meghan McCain recently had lunch with Heidi Montag and McCain goes to one of the most chic salons to have her hair done. Funny how John McCain tried to make fun of Obama in his Britney Spears and Paris Hilton attack campaign, suggesting he was a celebrity!

John McCain probably doesn’t like this! Daughter, Meghan McCain likes to hang with the celebrity crowd. Ironic only because McCain recently did an “attack ad” on Obama insinuating that he was a celebrity like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears.

Then who can forget Paris Hilton’s “back at ya” video directed towards John McCain here.

John McCain probably wishes he could take that back now with daughter, Meghan McCain seeming to want to become like the celebrities her dad was bashing.

But it seems there is perfectly good reason behind Meghan McCain’s beauty needs, she wanted to look like a celebrity while going out on the campaign trail with her dad. Makes perfect sense huh?

While it seems most of young Hollywood celebrities might not be voting for McCain, he does get some support from the likes of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

With John McCain’s disdain for celebrities, it seemed odd during the primaries when he said he never misses an episode of MTV’s The Hills reality show.

Recently Meghan McCain was seen having lunch in Santa Monica with none other than Heidi Montag. The two also share the same hairstylist.

Meghan McCain has also been seen on Rodeo Drive, seeming like a socialite “wannabe”.

But Meghan McCain’s new celebrity friends makes you wonder if she’s just sucking up to young Hollywood?

Images: WENN/AP

Source: news


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