Madonna Injures Ankle Right Before Sticky & Sweet World Tour (Photos)


Breaking News!! Madonna is gearing up for her Sticky & Sweet world tour but sadly has a bum ankle! Madonna has suffered a serious ankle injury.

Madonna was seen leaving the Kabbalah center in New York, with her ankle obviously bandaged. The injury must be pretty serious, as Madonna was not able to make it up the stairs.

The doorman had to unlock an elevator just for Madonna to use today because of her injured ankle.

If Madonna can’t even walk up stairs with her injury, things don’t look so good for her upcoming tour, and vigorous dance routines! Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour is said to kick off August 23rd. Let’s hope she heals quickly!

So far no cancellations for Madonna’s tour have been made. We will keep you posted!

Here’s Madonna’s “Give It To Me” Video, just because I like it!

Another Good Madonna video “4 Minutes”:

Images: WENN

Source: news



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