Sam Ronson & Lindsay Lohan Finally Coming Out Publicly?


Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson (Samantha Ronson) were in Chicago over the weekend, and not hiding their love! Sources state they were very affectionate to one another and not holding back on PDA! The couple has not “come out” yet, but sometimes actions speak louder than words!

Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson didn’t hide their feelings for one another as they spent the weekend hanging out in Chicago.

The couple was in town for Lollapalooza, Chicago’s annual three-day music festival.

DJ Samantha Ronson was spinning at Crimson on Friday, with Lindsay Lohan tagging along. The couple then hit the Underground.

Lohan and Ronson hung out with Danny Masterson and singer Kenna before settling into a table for the night. “They were holding hands and very affectionate with each other,” says an eyewitness. Samantha’s brother Mark Ronson was the club’s deejay.

The following night, Ronson and Lohan joined Mark and his girlfriend at China Grill Chicago for Diesel’s Rock The Vote Private Dinner. “They were very comfortable, very touchy-feely,” says a source, who added that Lindsay looked “great.” “They were holding hands the entire night. They weren’t hiding anything.”

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson took frequent cigarette breaks and greeted fans as they smoked outside. “They were very gracious,” the source said. “They signed autographs and took pictures with kids.”

One eyewitness source stated, one thing is for certain: “They’re in love. This is a no-joke deal.”

Later their group headed over to The Music Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel, where Samantha was back at the turntables. When Mark deejayed, the girls texted back and forth and danced onstage to the last song.

The hotel confirmed that Ronson and Lohan were sharing the Chairman’s Suite at The Hotel Sax Chicago.

The suite cost $5,000 a night and the two stayed for two nights. The hotel is decked out with four TVs, an X-box and a computer station. Ronson requested to have the game Rock Band–one of her favorites–brought up to the room, according to an insider.

It seems the couple is gradually “coming out” by their actions, even though they have not publicly confirmed their relationship verbally. It seems it is time to “out” their lesbian relationship, especially with rumors the two plan to head down the aisle soon in marriage. Here’s the post regarding their upcoming wedding here.

So are you guys ready for the lezzie couple to “come out” already?

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