Joyce Bernann McKinney (Photos): Dog Cloner & Former Mormon Sex Kidnapper


Joyce Bernann McKinney, recently in the news for having the world’s first commercially cloned dogs, has been exposed as being the woman that kidnapped a Mormon and forced him to have sex, some 30 years ago. Joyce Bernann McKinney was a former Miss Wyoming. WTF? Freaky!

Joyce Bernann McKinney aka Bernann McKinney,a woman that recently made the news around the world when she had five pups cloned from her beloved pit bull Booger, looked very familiar to some that saw her picture: She may be the same woman who 31 years earlier was accused of abducting a Mormon missionary in England, handcuffing him to a bed and making him her sex slave.

Numerous court documents and arrest information uncovered by The Associated Press suggests 57-year-old dog-lover Bernann McKinney is Joyce McKinney, who in 1977 faced charges of unlawful imprisonment in the missionary case. She jumped bail and was never brought to justice for her crime.

British tabloids were the first to recognize Joyce Bernann McKinney’s face when she appeared in news photographs this past week with the five pit bull pups she paid South Korean scientists $53,000 to clone from her pet dog Booger that died two years ago.

The resemblance between Bernann McKinney and Joyce McKinney is obvious. Arrest records and court documents for the two names over the years show other similarities: the same birth date and Social Security numbers, the same hometown of Newland, N.C., and Joyce McKinney’s middle name is Bernann. Just a coincidence? We think not!

“It fits,” said Utah filmmaker Trent Harris, who made a documentary about Joyce Bernann McKinney’s case. He said photographs of McKinney and the dogs left him with no question about her identity.

“I said ‘Oh my God, that’s Joyce,'” he said.

Bernann McKinney has flatly denied any connections to Joyce Bernann McKinney and says she planned to take legal action against those who suggested otherwise. Yeah, right!

“I’m filing a $10 million libel action and I don’t think you want AP to be part of that,” McKinney said before boarding her plane to return to the U.S.

While in South Korea, Joyce Bernann McKinney told reporters she was a screenwriter and handed out business cards with a Hollywood, Calif., address. One problem, the address doesn’t even exist.

In a phone call later Friday to the AP, Bernann McKinney repeated she had nothing to do with the Mormon abduction story and only wanted to talk about the cloning of her dog.

“It’s a story of courage, of a very brave service dog taking care of me. He passed away. I was so depressed. I had him cloned,” she said.

Joyce Bernann McKinney’s story is very interesting, something from a movie it seems. Joyce McKinney was a North Carolina-born beauty queen who won title of Miss Wyoming USA, converted to Mormonism and went on to college at Brigham Young University, where she became obsessed with a Mormon fellow student, Kirk Anderson.

When Kirk Anderson took his missionary trip to England, authorities say McKinney hired a private detective so she could locate and follow him.

She and a male accomplice, Keith May, were accused of abducting the 21-year-old missionary as he went door to door. McKinney and May were said to have used chloroform and guns to kidnap Anderson. They then took him to a rented cottage in Devon and chained him spread-eagled to a bed with several pairs of mink-lined handcuffs.

There, investigators say, he was repeatedly forced to have sex with McKinney before he was able to escape and notify police.

On rape, McKinney said how could she rape a man much bigger than her? Joyce said to police that Kirk Anderson was “grinning like a monkey” and moving his hips with her as they had sex.

McKinney stated to police that Kirk Anderson could only orgasm if he was tied up. He had to have sex with the lights out and immediately “washed up”, as he felt sex was dirty.

In a 1977 court hearing mobbed by the British press, Joyce McKinney said she’d fallen head-over-heels in love with the Mormon man and acknowledged tracking him to England. “I loved him so much,” she told a judge, “that I would ski naked down Mount Everest in the nude with a carnation up my nose if he asked me to.”

But she denied a sexual assault, saying the young man was a willing partner.

McKinney said in 1975, she and Mr. Anderson had stayed together all night while in Utah, and that he proposed marriage to her. She also added she gave her “virtue” to him.

“I have been played up as a very wicked and perverted woman,” she told the court. “It’s not true.”

McKinney and her accomplice spent three months in a London jail before being released on bail.

Press reports at the time that said the pair then jumped bail, posing as deaf-mute actors in Ireland to board an Air Canada flight to Toronto and eventually a bus to Cleveland, where investigators lost their trail.

Joyce McKinney surfaced again in Utah in May 1984 and was arrested for allegedly stalking the workplace of the same Mormon man she was accused of imprisoning in England. News reports say that police found a length of rope and handcuffs in the trunk of McKinney’s car, along with notebooks detailing the man’s daily activities.

Set to stand trial for lying to police and harassment in 1986, McKinney again disappeared just before proceedings and the case was dismissed.

It now appears Joyce McKinney may have escaped justice in the long-ago British case also. London police told The AP they’ve consigned the case to the history books because of its age and won’t seek McKinney’s extradition.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the 1984 Salt Lake County booking documents, which lists McKinney’s full name, address, Social Security number and birth date. The AP compared the data to court and address records on file in North Carolina.

In both states, documents list McKinney’s full name as Joyce Bernann McKinney and cite an Aug. 6, 1950, birth date, along with a hometown of Newland, N.C. A comparison of Social Security numbers on the documents show an exact match of the first five digits, the only numbers typically available in public records.

At the Avery County courthouse in McKinney’s hometown of Newland in the western North Carolina mountains, a clerk said she instantly recognized the woman snuggling puppies as the Joyce Bernann McKinney who has a been a frequent defendant in court cases there.

“She is a person of note in our little community,” said clerk Julia Henson.

Avery County Sheriff Kevin Frey said there are several charges on file against Joyce McKinney, including an active warrant seeking her arrest on a 2003 charge of communicating a threat against another woman.

Other charges include passing bad checks, an assault on a public officials and an 2004 animal cruelty charge alleging she failed to take proper care of a horse. That charge was dismissed.

James Stamey, the husband of the woman McKinney was charged with threatening, said McKinney left Newland about two years ago and no one had really seen or heard from her.

Until she showed up in the news about the cloned puppies.

“That’s our Joy,” Stamey said from his home in Newland.

Years ago, Stamey said, McKinney was a beautiful girl worthy of the Miss Wyoming USA crown.

“She’s ugly as sin now,” he said. “But, sure enough, that’s her.”

Kirk Anderson was said to have been wearing a Mormon chastity belt at the time. Joyce McKinney is also said to have read him religious texts and played him romantic tapes before sexually stimulating him. In her defense, she claimed that it was a bondage game played with his full consent. Legend has it that after he eventually promised to marry her she loosened his chains and he then escaped.

Wow! Crazy story! McKinney’s puppy cloning exposed her as the Mormon kidnapper, that had jumped bail so many years ago. McKinney got off scot-free so i guess it’s cool to kidnap someone and force them to have sex. Yay! Don’t know about you guys, but I have someone in mind. Hmmmm…..

Not to be mean, but you know how they say dogs look like their owners… just saying!

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  1. damn, I just don't think cloning is right at all. Seems so Fu**** up to me.

    Now on to the mormon thing- shit that is insane, too bad it wasn't Clark Kent!

    And by the way, she looks just like her dog, nice and pudgy.


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