John Edwards Sex Scandal: Rielle Hunter & John Edwards Affair (Photos)

John Edwards & Wife Elizabeth Edwards Photo
John Edwards & Wife Elizabeth Edwards Photo

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter’s affair has now been exposed. John Edwards finally admits he had an affair with Rielle Hunter. John Edwards is now “fessing up” and admits to affair with Rielle Hunter! But Edwards says he is not the father the woman’s baby, Rielle Hunter’s baby. Yeah yeah, sounds very similar to “I did not have sex with this woman”.

John Edwards admitted today to ABC News that he had an affair with Rielle Hunter, but says he did not father a child with the woman, named Frances Quinn Hunter. Yeah, right! John Edwards affair admission probably sits real well with his wife, Elizabeth Edwards.

In an interview that will broadcast tonight on Nightline, John Edwards said he had an affair with a 42-year-old woman named Rielle Hunter, but that he did not love her. That will make her feel great huh?

The National Enquirer initially broke the story last December, after an extensive investigation.

John Edwards said despite the affair, he is not the father of Hunter’s baby girl, Frances Quinn Hunter . However, he has not taken a paternity test, he told ABC News.

Edwards said his affair with Hunter ended too soon for him to be the father of the child, who was born on Feb. 27. But a campaign aide has said he was the father of the child. They tried to place the blame on a friend of John Edwards’ named Andrew Young. He took the heat for Edwards!

Rielle Hunter’s friends told ABC News that Edwards met Hunter at a bar in New York City in 2006. She was paid $114,000 by his PAC to produce campaign documentries despite her lack of experience, according to ABC News.

Edwards said the affair started while Rielle Hunter was working for the campaign.

In an interview with Bob Woodruff to air this evening, Edwards admits to having an affair with Hunter but says it began and ended while the cancer afflicting his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, was in remission. The disease has since flared again.

ABC news said that Edwards, who has not taken a paternity test, contended he could not be the father of Hunter’s baby because the affair ended before the child’s conception. A former aide, Andrew Young, has said that he is the father though a birth certificate apparently lists no father for the child. Leaving the birth certificate blank truly raises a red flag!

It wasn’t stated yet if Edwards had been on Barack Obama’s list of vice presidential contenders, but his admitting the affair to Rielle Hunter will put a stop to that thought!

Edwards wife, Elizabeth, who has an incurable form of cancer, learned of the affair in 2006, he told the news network.

When the National Enquirer initially reported the story, Edwards denied the story.

“The story is false, it’s completely untrue, it’s ridiculous,” Edwards told reporters then.

Edwards has continued his denials up until twp weeks ago. He admitted to ABC News today that the Enquirer was correct that he visited Hunter at the Beverly Hills Hilton last month, and that his wife had not known about that meeting.

Dayum, somebody is in hot water! So do you guys think John Edwards is the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby? He denied the affair all along, so what would make lying about the “love child” any different?

John Edwards has issued a statement, read that post here.

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  1. Homewreckers always ruin the lives of the offsprings the bring into the world by married men. Most of the men stay for a few kodak moments and the child grows up without a dad. Rielle is nothing but a prostitute who knew by getting pregnant she would continue getting paid $$$. The grief she and Edwards brought on poor Elizabeth who is already fighting for her life. Rielle is an evil woman, just look at her.

  2. He is probably the father. The homewrecker left a giant blank in the father box on the birth certificate.
    Yeah, she really outsmarted everyone by leaving a blank. (sarc)


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