John Gotti “Junior”: Arrested For Murder (Photos)


John A. Gotti Junior was arrested this morning at his Oyster Bay Cove home on charges of racketeering and for complicity in three murders. Junior Gotti is brother to Victoria Gotti of “Growing Up Gotti” show.

John A. “Junior” Gotti, a known mafia guy, has been one lucky bastard when it comes to getting away with murder, literally. You might remember Curtis Sliwa, the talk show host and founder of Guardian Angels, who they plotted to kidnap and murder, because of saying negative comments about Gotti’s father.

John A. “Junior” Gotti had been up most of the night with his sick two year old son Joseph when around five a.m. his dogs started barking. And guess who was knocking? FBI agents were at the door!

Junior Gotti’s brother, Peter, who was sleeping in a guest house on the property, wasn’t allowed to come out while the raid was ongoing, she said.

“The kids were hysterical,” said Angel Gotti, about her brother’s children.

“They just won’t leave him alone,” she said of the FBI. “They want his blood.”

She said his sister Victoria was driving to tell their mother, also named Victoria, about the raid and arrest.

A law enforcement official said two other men, Michael Finnerty and David D’Artino, associates of Gotti, were also in custody on charges that emanate from the Tampa U.S. Attorneys Office. The charges relate to a case involving reputed Gambino member Ronald “One Arm” Trucchio, said a lawyer familiar with the investigation.

Seth Ginsberg, Gotti’s attorney, said that his client was brought to the Melville office of the FBI and was being driven to Manhattan federal court for a court appearance later this morning.

An FBI spokesman said a press conference was planned for the U.S. Attorneys Office in Tampa later this morning.

Gotti was tried three times in Manhattan on racketeering charges for an alleged plot to kidnap Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa. The trials in 2005 and 2006 ended in hung juries and mistrials, and federal prosecutors announced that they were giving up.

You might remember the reality series, “Growing Up Gotti”, starring Victoria Gotti, wife of jailed mobster Carmine Agnello, in the A&E show, which featured Victoria and sons John, Carmine, and Frank Gotti.

John A. Junior Gotti is supposed to be in court today, do you think he’ll just get off again?

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