Jessica Simpson Pregnant? (Photos)


Jessica Simpson is said to be frantic over wanting to have a baby with boyfriend, Tony Romo. But is Jessica pregnant?

Jessica Simpson, 28, is said to be desperate to have a baby with her quarterback boyfriend, Tony Romo, 28.

Jessica’s younger sister Ashlee is expecting a baby with her hubby, Pete Wentz in October, and Jessica is anxious to have a baby of her own.

According to the National Enquirer, Jessica Simpson, country singer, took a home pregnancy test and thought it was positive, so she made an announcement to Tony Romo’s family that they were expecting. The only problem is that she wasn’t really pregnant and Tony’s family was not happy to hear the news.

The National Enquirer reported:

Jessica Simpson wants Tony Romo’s baby!

With her little sister Ashlee married and expecting, Jess has decided she wants to start her own family with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

But Romo’s family is none too pleased, say sources.

“There was a huge fight on July 18 at the Romo home,” a source close to the family told The Enquirer. “Jessica and Tony thought she was pregnant and happily announced it to the family.

“The news resulted in dead silence. Then Tony’s dad Ramiro said, “˜You’re not married. this is crazy!’ Tony’s mom Joan joined in, demanding, “˜How can you do this to us?'”

Jessica, 28, said her home pregnancy test showed a positive result and that she was heading for a doctor to find out for her.

A spokesperson for Jessica says she is not pregnant, but pals say it’s not for lack of trying.

“Her friends know she’s feverishly trying to conceive,” confided an insider.

Not really certain if this is a rumor or a true story, but how embarrassing! Can you imagine announcing to your boyfriend’s family that you were preggers and you really aren’t?

Those pregnancy tests, reading one or two lines, or positive and negative signs, are really confusing for someone like Jessica Simpson!

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