Haunted High School?: Ghostly Image Caught On Security Camera – Asheville H.S. (Video)


A ghostly image was caught on security cameras of Asheville High School in Asheville, North Carolina, that cannot be explained. So is Asheville High School haunted? Note: Photo above is not a real ghost ha! See the Asheville ghost photo and video after the bump!

The ghostly image captured on Asheville’s High School security camera is causing quite a stir! You can see the ghostly image of Asheville High School below.

Charlie Glazener, Director of Public Relations, says that the object was captured on the camera in the rotunda of Asheville High School in the wee hours of the morning.

“I think that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen ‘cuz look, it looks like a person. It really does. A child, right?,” said teacher and literacy coach Martha Geitner.

The video was captured at 2:51 a.m., Aug. 1.

“Some folks have described it as the shape of a child. Someone else said, it looks like it takes a few steps,” Glazener said.

The motion activated recorder goes off for 24seconds, indicating no movement, and then you see the shape again above-the elevator. It travels to the hallway, and here is where things get perplexing for skeptics.

“Look at the shadow on the floor, coming from those lights,” Glazener said.

Glazener can’t say for certain it is a ghost, but he won’t say its not either.

He says, “I’m a logical person,a nd I wanted to be able to explain to these folks, or anybody, this is what I think it is. It’s a bat flying around here and it casts a shadow, but then why is the shadow down here from a different angle and it’s not in the shape of a bat?”

Everyone agrees at this point the shape in the shadows so far can’t be explained.

Geitner has her own theory about why whatever it is is there.

“It’s a ghost. Of course, it’s a ghost. It’s the ghost of some former student who is really angry with his teacher and has come back to get back with the teacher, and he’s just making himself known at this time,” she said.

A custodian said this wasn’t the first time it has happened. He said that over the years he has seen a number of unusual sitings, which can’t be explained.

So was a ghost captured on the security camera? Is Asheville High School haunted?

You be the judge, here’s the video below:

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