Japanese Goblin Shark (Photos & Video)


Check out this Goblin Shark, now that’s a freaky-deaky creature huh? Kinda cool to see a prehistoric shark found! Read more below and see the goblin shark video.

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The goblin shark, Mitsukurina owstoni, is a deep sea shark, and the only living species left in the family Mitsukurinidae. But more importantly, it is just so crazy looking!

The Japanese goblin shark has a long, beak looking snout, and the shark is mainly pink in color. It has long protrusible jaws, and when they are retracted, it looks a bit like a nurse shark.

The goblin shark lives deep in the ocean, where the sun’s light does not reach. It’s found below depths of 200 meters. Kinda creepy sounding!

Goblin sharks are more likely found in the water near Japan, but are also found throughout the world.

Goblin sharks eat squid, crabs, and fishes of the deep. There is not much known about this species, as they are rarely encountered.

Here’s a video of the goblin shark, and while it is in a foreign language, it’s the best video of this rare goblin shark:


  1. This looks like a very old fossil species. Frightening and naturally agressive.

    I'd be nervous catching such a thing on my fishing line.

    Makes fishing the adventure everybody is looking forward to. Adventure, danger, winning challenges and the like, brings us back to our origins when surviving was the prize of life. We do remember these feelings, they are in ourselves and it's always a thrill to bring them to the surface for a moment we will sure remember a long time.


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